2024 Oneness Membership Applcation

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Application For 2024 Oneness Membership Is Available Now.

Oneness Membership is a unique annual membership available for a modest fee for a full year of high-quality wellness and spiritual programs rooted in the two truths that you are responsible for your wellbeing, and all is Divine (SarvaOm).

If you are sincere about your wellbeing and spirituality and meet the pre-requisite, you are welcome to apply for this membership and be a part of the SOM Sangha Family (‘All is Divine’ family).
Programs included in Oneness Membership are given below. All given dates are tentative and subject to change.


  • Energizing and Slimming Down Fitness Program

After celebrating the holidays, this fitness and wellness program is a perfect opportunity to begin the New Year with fresh and increased enthusiasm,

This is an eight-week, medium-paced, and yoga-based exercise program designed to strengthen, energize, and slim the body. The focus is on cardio, asanas, and other fitness exercises.

You will receive a link to the recorded video the next day. All video links will remain active for three months so that you can continue exercising and keep learning from them.

When:  Fridays, January 12 – March 1, 2024, 7:00 -8:30 PM Toronto Time.

  • All New Samatvam Course.

The Samatvam course, packed with practical wisdom, skills, and yogic practices, gives you the tools to live and shape your worldly and spiritual lives in purposeful, responsible, and fulfilling ways. I plan to re-do this course next year with ever-evolving wisdom with even more simplicity and depth.

When: April 12 – 14 and April 20 – 21, four hours daily. The times are to be confirmed at a later date.

You will have access to the recorded videos until May 15, 2024, so that you can schedule the program at your convenience.

  • All New Samatvam Silence Course

In this course, through wisdom, practices, and guidance, you will experience the stillness, peace, and silence that emerge from the depth of your inner-being, which provides a guiding light for knowing and connecting to your inner-being. This special and sacred connection emits soothing, healing, and fulfilling energy. This inner connection makes you feel relaxed, energized, refreshed, and more secure and confident.

When:  May 30 – June 2. Two 2-hour sessions daily, in the mornings and afternoons. Times and more information are to be provided at a later date.

You will have access to the recorded videos until June 30 so that you can schedule the course at your convenience.

  • Learning or Review of SOM Sadhana.

Based on the principle of honoring and the Eight Limbs of Yoga, this is a unique and vibrant daily practice routine ranging from 60-120 minutes for the wellbeing of body, mind, and Spirit. In 2023, I have done the pranayama and meditation series, Each series consists of  8 recorded videos, 90 minutes each. Next year, I plan to do the asanas series specifically for SOM Sadhana.

When: July, 2024. You will receive links to videos, which you can watch at your convenience. It is important that the Oneness members review these videos every year to get a deeper understanding and remain firmly established in SOM Sadhana.

  • Asana Series for SOM Sadhana.

When: Aug – September, 2024

  • Repeat of Samatvam and Samatvam Silence courses
    Oneness members are encouraged to do Samatvam and Samatvam Silence courses twice a year.

When: Sometime between September and December

  • Wisdom and Devotional Series From Various Religions and Cultures.

When: Sometime between September and December.

  • A surprise Series.
  • I am always available to answer your questions and guide you as needed. My intention is always to guide you into self-confidence, self-belief, and freedom so that you can chart and shape your journey.
  • You will receive my frequent inspirational and wisdom posts exclusively for Oneness Members.

If you meet either of the following, you can apply.

  1. You are a current Oneness member.
  2. You have attended one of the Shudham Yoga Retreats in 2022 or 2023.
  3. You have completed the New and Fresh Yoga Series 1 and 2.
    (You can still do these yoga series by registering on the Shudham website.)


Oneness Membership Fee:   
  Current Members: CAD500.00. For the continuing members, this fee will always stay the same. 
  New Members: $600.00.  After the 1st year, you will pay the current members’ fee.


  •  Spouses living at the same address pay only one membership fee, provided both spouses qualify for joining Oneness Membership.
  • This is a modest fee and an investment you make for a whole year of wellness and spiritual growth.
  • The fee for all above programs, if taken separately, can cost up to CAD 2000.00
  • Some people charge over CAD500 just for one course.

No payment is needed at this time. Payment will be required in January 2023,

You can make one full payment of $500.00, due by January 15, or two installments of $275.00 each, due January 15 and June 1, 2024.

Refunds: If requested before April 1st, you will receive a 50% refund. No refunds are available if you are paying in installments.

Please click here to register.


For any questions, please write to: krishan@shudham.org