Ojas Kriya

Rejuvenate Body, Breath, and Mind

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Ojas, in Sanskrit,  means great vitality. The regular practice of Ojas Kriya increases and maintains one’s vigor, energy, and enthusiasm—the very essence of life. Ojas Kriya can be learned separately or during most other programs offered by Shudham Yogic Way.

The quality of our life depends on the ability to contract and relax at all levels of our being. Be it the heart that pumps untiredly, the breathing muscles that push air in and out our lungs or the digestive system that processes food—the miracle of one’s life is tied to thousands of these contractions and relaxations occurring at every little movement of our body. The very Prana in the Nadis flows because of the continuous subtle movements of the Energy Centres. Similar continuous subtle contractions and relaxations happen in the mind and other sheaths of our being. When the contractions are regular and strong, and relaxation is deeper, the body feels healthier, lighter, and more energetic, and the mind becomes more focused, relaxed, positive, efficient, creative, and enthusiastic. The Ojas Kriya is about reinforcing these movements to attain a better quality of life.

Main features of Ojas Kriya are:

  • A sequence of unique contractions and movements of the whole body.
  • Ojas Pranayama and other breathing exercises for energizing body, prana sheath, and mind.
  • Deeper and reverent relaxation of body, prana sheath, and mind.
  • Different processes and meditations for self-empowering and self-embracing.

Learning period:

  • It takes three two-hour sessions, over two days, to learn this Kriya.


  • Anyone over the age of sixteen can learn and practice this Kriya. However, like with any other exercise program, please consult with a physician before learning and practicing this Kriya.

Home Practice:

  • It is recommended to practice it regularly for about 30 minutes twice weekly. Different parts of the Ojas Kriya can be practiced separately.


With the regular practice of Ojas Process:

  • The whole body feels healthier, lighter, rejuvenated and relaxed.
  • Most chronic pains in the body are either eliminated or substantially reduced.
  • Any blocks in the prana sheath are removed.
  • The mind becomes more focused, relaxed, creative, efficient, and enthusiastic.
  • You develop an increased liking for yourself.
  • You develop increased reverence toward life, yourself, and others.

Origin of Ojas Kriya

Several years ago, after teaching a yoga class, I noticed I was subconsciously contracting my thighs, and it was bringing me some relief from the knee pain that I had had for some time. Then I repeated the contractions consciously and experienced more relief from pain. That clue guided me to develop a practice of contractions and relaxations for the whole body. I introduced that practice, named SAHC, in Sri Sri Yoga courses. Those who have learned the SAHC practice have reported many great benefits. Over the years, I have developed the practice further, which has evolved into the Ojas Kriya.
Both Ojas Kriya and SAHC provide many significant benefits.


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