Yoga transcends religion. It is a simple and sensible
way of living a healthier and meaningful life.

Revised Dates – Vrindavan Yoga Retreat

Revised Dates for the next Vrindavan Yoga Retreat

 Because of popular requests, the dates are changed back to:
November 1-9, 2020


  This would be the only retreat held in Vrindavan in 2020.

Fee Schedule (in Canadian dollars):

One full payment:  $900.00, due at the time of registration.
Two installment payments:  $475.00 each.
The first installment is due at the time of registration.
The second payment is due before March 1, 2020.

The fee includes:

Accommodation: 2 people/room in a luxury hotel.
Three wholesome and delicious meals daily.

Additional costs you would be responsible for:

Transportation to and from the venue-hotel.
Transportation for temple visits or any other sightseeing. More information on this to follow.

Cancellations and Refunds

Please check your schedule and all other formalities before registering as the cancellation fees could vary from 50-100%.

Highlights of the Yoga Retreat

The primary purpose of this yoga retreat is to kindle the love for God in your heart as it is this love that completes you. It is only in this love where your search ends. It is in this love only that your heart dances and you serve with joy again.
The other highlights of the Yoga Retreat are:
1. Daily practice of asanas, pranayama, and guided meditations
2. Learning to make the breath stronger and steadier.
3. Learning of ‘Sanjeevani Sukshama Vyayama’, a series of unique contractions and expansions that rejuvenate the entire body by making each and every cell in the body alive again. The SSV makes the body stronger and helps in getting rid of chronic pains. It relaxes the mind and enhances inner silence and peace. 
4. Learning of cleansing kriyas
5. Sharing of yogic wisdom, and devotional stories.
6. Sharing of simple tools for the mind care
7. Visiting temples and other historic sites
8. Chanting, singing, and dancing to celebrate the Divine
9. Lots of fun and laughter
10. Complete TLC for the body, mind, and Soul

Some sharing from the previous Yoga Retreat:

“I thank the Divine to send you on this planet to invoke Bhakti in us. This retreat has been very very special for me. The Bhakt (devotee) in me had taken a back seat……  Thank you for being the instrument in rekindling the Bhakt in me. I wouldn’t miss any of your courses. Please count me in for the 2020 retreat as well.”
“You and Bharti ji have simply soaked me in pure love. Don’t know how to express, just tears flow down…You made me complete, made us feel the totality and get dissolved in it…..In spite of practicing spiritual practice all these years, there was a certain lack, you filled that with so much love and devotion, gave me a new life.” 


  1. Some regular practice of yoga
  2. Above average level of fitness
  3. An open mind that is willing to accept and explore
  4. An open heart that is willing to sing and dance

Come and Dance with the Divine!

For registration write to Zok Lim

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