Loving and Serving God is Supreme Yoga.
Serving those in need is serving God.

Sage Anidra – ‘Just Love’


Today, king Abhaya asked Sage Anidra many questions about blessings, grace, and prayer. Andira smiled and played a song on his flute.

Just Love

O, nobleman!
Praying is for the worldly.
The seekers of Spirit
just love.
Your prayers confuse God.
You pray for contentment,
then you also pray for
long life, success, and prosperity.
O, great yogi!
Contentment comes from gratefulness.
 The truly grateful
doesn’t ask for more.
The way to love
is to just love.
 Your desires
dim the flame.
 Using the one you love,
to fulfill your desires,
is the worldly way.
Which way is yours?
Love Spirit,
the way She loves you.
She just loves.
She just gives.
She just loves.
She just gives.








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