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Seeing God! The Easier Way!

Susie and Miracle

Susie and Miracle!

In response to my last post, Is Eating Eggs an act of Himsa, Susie shared the above beautiful picture. and wrote:

I am glad you acknowledged that hens lay eggs because of nature, and if they are unfertilized they do not contain a life.  I agree factory farming is cruel and inhumane and should be abolished.  I just wish you would have added the option of eating eggs from free range organic hens from a local farm or family backyard.  My hens life a peaceful, loved life, eating organic grains, free roaming, safe from predators; and honor us with delicious eggs.
Bless you

Susie, I agree. I see nothing wrong with eating and enjoying unfertilized eggs from a local farm or family backyard where hens lived a loved life as long as they are not subjected to cruelty or killing after they stop giving eggs.
Your hen looks so healthy, beautiful, and loved. I am sure she blesses you daily.
The blessings from animals are more powerful than from humans.

Seeing God! The Easier Way!

Such beautiful flowers
Wow! said a man
How beautiful must be the source
Finding it was his plan.

He was a seeker
He searched for hours

Searched in leaves and branches
Smashed all the flowers.

He dug deeper 
dug out the roots
Finding only dirt and rocks 

 Angrily, he stamped his boots

 Knowing that
he would never know
He felt very sad
depressed and low

The Easier Way

God is all
Within and without
The only thing  I can say
without any doubt

Within is the Formless
Silent and Unseen
 Not really sure though
what I mean

Outside is my favourite
Easy to see and touch
Just have to look closely
It doesn’t require much

Look at a baby’s smile
Look again closely
It’s Her
The Divine Mother Holy!

Over and over
come to you the helping hands
Look again closely
 Beside you, always He stands

He is your beloved
He is your friend
He is your child
A love, without an end

See Him in your parents
Don’t leave them standing cold
More apparent He becomes
When they grow old

Never question
Where? Where?
Just look closely
It’s Him only, everywhere

There is a reason
the Sun remains far away 
Honour His presence
It’s only Him, each ray!

“Searching for God is denying God”


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