Just as a lotus flowers blossoms in muddy waters, similarly, a skilled yogi
blossoms by fully functioning in the world but remaining unaffected by the events.

Seeing Perfection, and a Weekend of Yoga in Milan

A Weekend of Yoga in Milan, Italy

Recently, as a guest teacher, I spent a weekend with the Sri Sri Yoga TTP participants in Milan. There I also conducted two masterclasses.

I feel happy and proud to witness the growth of so many of my yoga students who have become grounded on the path of yoga and are spreading the wisdom of yoga around the globe.  Beatrice, on my left in the picture above, is one such student. She is a very caring, skilled, and knowledgeable TTP teacher. She and her team Raffaella, Jessica, and Patrizia have been conducting the TTP in a very authentic, loving, and harmonious way.  I was amazed to see how much the participants had already learned in such a short period of time. They all were very sincere and dedicated. On my right is Lorenza, who translated for me so pleasantly and attentively. I was happy to spend a weekend with this beautiful group of yogis.
Many People shared their beautiful experiences. Below is one which also leads to the next topic of this post.
‘The journey of experiences and emotions that Krishanji made us experience in our body, our breath, our mind and our soul was really fantastic. It was magical … It was like to feel the contact, and resonate with the same soul of Krishanji, a pure, simple, kind soul … Emotions and tears emerged spontaneously. The Knowledge was so deep but transmitted with the purity and simplicity of a child. Really thanks for everything to everyone. I feel very very grateful and the perception of perfection of every moment of my life grows more and more every day….”      –  Chiara 

 Seeing Perfection

Once Sage Anidra spoke on perfection, “Creation is perfect in every sense because the Creator is perfect. Every moment, as it is, is perfect. The entire past was perfect, the present is perfect,  and the future will always be perfect. You see imperfection only because your vision is limited and partial. A tiny piece of a big picture will always seem imperfect and incomplete. Because you can see partial only, you keep seeing incomplete and imperfect.
The infinite whole can never be made better or greater because it is already perfect, complete, and full.  What appears to be partial can always be made better and bigger. A musician can certainly sing better. An athlete can indeed play better. Science can always progress more. A rich man can surely become richer.
 Partial, which is only an appearance,  can never be perfect and complete, but hidden beyond the appearance of partial lies the perfect and complete whole, which can be experienced through the eyes of santosha (contentment) and vairagya (dispassion). Living with santosha and vairagya lets you see beyond partial.
A yogi sees perfection in every moment but still makes an effort to improve which may seem to be imperfect. He, however, neither judges a partial nor is disturbed by the appearance of imperfection. He simultaneously experiences both partial and whole, and rejoices within himself.”  Saying that the Sage became silent.
King Abhaya, always thirsty for more wanted to hear more, but remembering that partial will never be satisfied, he remained silent. 
Then, looking at His cow, Sage Anidra said to her,”  Ma( mother) Bhagvati,  could you sing a song for us.” Everyone present there, except the king, had heard Ma Bhagvati sing before. a rare experience beyond words, which could happen only at Sage Anidra’s will. In astonishment,  king Abhaya watched  Ma Bhagvati lower her head and close her eyes.  He looked at Sage Anidra who also had closed His eyes. He noticed that everyone else present there also had closed their eyes. Abhaya wanted to keep his eyes open and watch Ma Bhagvati sing, but he couldn’t. Something compelled him to close his eyes.  The moment he closed his eyes, he experienced that he had been rapidly separated from his body and carried to another realm of his inner-being which was absolutely still, silent, and empty.  Then he heard Ma Bhagvati sing a hymn to Goddess Saraswati in the most melodious and sweetest voice he had ever heard,  Listening to her he fell into meditation. For the first time, he experienced what meditation truly was. It was purely a Divine experience beyond forms and beyond words.
When Ma Bhagvati stopped singing, Abhaya felt a sudden jerk in his body which brought him back to his body awareness. Slowly he opened his eyes and  first looked at Sage Anidra and then at Ma Bhagvati. Their eyes were still closed. He looked around and whatever he saw, he felt oneness with it. He saw that people sitting near him were only an extension of him. They all seemed perfect. He felt oneness with the grass, trees, flowers, and stones. They all seemed perfect and complete. They couldn’t be any better.  Abhaya was seeing beyond partial. He was seeing perfection.
He looked at Ma Bhagvati again. He heard a voice in his head,”Hello son Anidra.” He was no longer in astonishment or disbelief, but wondered if Ma Bhagvati was really talking to him. He heard her voice again,” Yes I am speaking to you.”
Abhaya looked at Sage Anidra. The Sage smiled and nodded yes. 



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