Yoga transcends religion. It is a simple and sensible
way of living a healthier and meaningful life.

Tales of a man and a wise

Proudly, a man said to the wise
‘I pray twice daily’
The wise said to the man
‘you beg twice daily’

A man said to the wise
‘I am a follower of Buddha’
‘You are not’ said the wise
The man was surprised

The wise said
‘Buddha never followed anyone
But you follow someone
How can you be His follower!’

A man asked the wise
‘When will I be enlightened?’
The wise replied ‘Never’
The man was shocked

The wise said
As long as the ‘I’ is there
you can never be enlightened
And when the ‘I’ disappears
the enlightenment disappears too.

A man asked the wise,” ‘I meditate twice daily but still, I am neither happy nor peaceful. When will I be happy?”

The wise replied,” Neither meditation nor any other practice nor knowledge can make you happy. Your efforts are like the efforts of a man who wants to reach the Moon but keeps walking on Earth, and keeps wondering when will he reach there!
You want an easy way. So, you meditate. In your meditation, you fanaticize, you imagine, you daydream that
you are the infinite, like a poor man who daydreams being the richest. It feels comforting for a short while but, even after many years of meditation, nothing changes. The poor man remains poor.

The first and only principle of being happy is that nothing else can give you happiness but you yourself. And for that, there is only one way. It is a hard way. Harder than any other practice, austerity, or pilgrimage. But don’t be disheartened, it’s also the simplest way. As simple as smelling a flower or gazing at the stars.

Look into your mind honestly. You will find the roots of ‘I’ spread throughout. Just as an apple seed produces apples only, the ‘I’ seed produces misery only. All that happens in your mind, the ‘I’ is the root cause. All your experiences, whether momentarily pleasure or ever-lasting pain, loss and gain, success and failure, and abundance and lack, which all cause misery, exist only because of the ‘I’. The ‘I’ roots are spread in your mind deeply, and far and wide. Buried under the I lies the happiness which you seek for.

With patience and courage, without questioning or judging, and without analyzing, begin the process of removing from your mind all that which makes you unhappy. Remove all that which causes you pain. Don’t stop until they are completely uprooted from your mind.

Like a good gardener, keep weeding your mind. Learn from a good gardener, but don’t just keep learning. Start weeding your garden. Like a skilled miner, keep digging.
Know that there is no other way and surely, happiness lies underneath the ‘I’

Saying so. the wise smiled at the man and said goodbyes. The man had many questions, but he didn’t ask any. Instead, he gazed at the stars. He wanted to follow the wise, but he didn’t. Instead, looking into his mind, he walked back home.

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