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The Advanced Triangle Pose, and Vrindavan Calling

Vrindavan Calling!
A Saucha (cleanliness) initiative

Vrindavan is a very sacred and special place for all Hindus, and millions of other spiritual seekers from all around the world. It has lots of beautiful and clean areas but it also has lots of very filthy and broken areas where you don’t want to be but you would like to be because of their historical and Holy association with Krishna and Radha.
I have had often thought about doing something there, ,but ever since my last visit to Vrindavan my mind has been unsettled because I am not doing anything about it. That unsettledness in my mind has led to the clarity and commitment in my mind that being a Hindu and a devotee of Krishna, and someone who cares so much about the environment, I must do something.
When things look so bad, one doesn’t know where to begin, but the only way is to begin somewhere. That’s what inspired me to schedule the yoga retreat in Vrindavan. One of the purposes of this retreat is to identify small projects which we can initiate. The instant and overwhelming response for the Retreat has reinforced the clarity and commitment in my mind. I already have some ideas which I will share during the Retreat and on my blog, and I am sure, together, we will have many more. But we must implement them and help in making Krishna’s abode clean and pretty, something we can be very proud of.

Whether you are on this yoga treat or not, if this initiative interests you, and you can help in any way, please write to me.
As a starter, in order to raise funds, I am thinking of doing more than just one or two yoga retreats which I had originally planned., and all money raised from the yoga retreats will go toward this initiative. I personally will not take any.

Vrindavan is calling me. I must use this opportunity to practice SAUCHA in a very meaningful way!
The waves of pure yoga in me are ascending higher and descending deeper than ever, and I look forward to sharing yoga with you like never before.

Waves of pure yoga

The Triangle Pose!

The Beginner Triangle Pose

The Advanced Triangle Pose

In the picture above, both legs and the right arm together represent the Three Guna, the three primary energies, that govern the universe. The Three Guna are:
Sattava‌: Purity, blissful, positivity, peaceful, and calmness etc are some of the characteristics of Sattava energy
Rajas: Activity on the physical and mental level are the primary characteristic of Rajas
Tamas‌: Negativity, dullness, and wrong understanding are the primary characteristics of Tamas.

These three Guna are present everywhere and always. Neither of the Guna can be eliminated fully but, through the practice of proper yoga, their proportions can be altered.
For example, when the dullness takes over, which is the dominance of Tamas energy, practicing some asanas can change most of the Tamas to Rajas energy, and then by meditating, the Rajas can be changed to Satava. However, some amount of Tamas and Rajas will still remain.
The three Guna affect your mood, feelings, emotions, and energy level.

So, the legs and the right arm in the picture above represent the three Guna.
Bending of the torso toward the floor symbolizes that you have no choice but to function in the world that is governed by the three Guna.
The left arm stretched up toward the sky symbolizes that while functioning in the three Guna, one must transcend the Guna and not get effected by them.
The face turned upward toward the sky symbolizes that a seeker’s focus, while functioning in the world, should be on the sky-like Self.
Proper understanding, and proper living of the yogic knowledge are the two essential tools to transcend the Guna and to remain focused on the Self. The one who achieves such a state is a true practitioner of the Advanced Triangle Pose, and is known as a Bhavateetam.

Anidra was a Bhavateetam.
He once said,
“Yoga, when practiced in its true sense, cultivates vairagya‌ in one’s mind, and its improper practice adds to one’s ignorance.”

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