Just as a lotus flowers blossoms in muddy waters, similarly, a skilled yogi
blossoms by fully functioning in the world but remaining unaffected by the events.

The Eternal Song


 That there is only one God is not true. I am the flower. I am the colour. I am the fragrance. I am the stem. I am the leaf. I am the thorn. I am the ladybug. I am you. I am it. I am not one. I am as many as all. <3


 Krishanji, I don’t understand anatomy much. Is it important to know it well for becoming a good yoga teacher?

Krishanji,  After being on the path for more than two decades I still get many doubts which affect me a lot. Please advise.

 Krishan’ji’, What’s it with ‘ji’ ? Why do some people have it?  Can I have one too 🙂

 I will talk about all these questions in my next post. But know that whether you know anatomy well or not, or how many doubts you have, and whether or not you have a ‘ji’, you are equally and always loved 🙂 <3



The Eternal Song

I know one love
it never ever dies
Lots of laughter
some sweet cries

I open my eyes
I see it
I close my eyes
I be it
Loud and clear

forever I hear
‘I love you’

 Flows in my being
aged mystic wine
Mellow and silly I feel
whole world is mine
Whether here or there
forever I hear
‘I love you’ 

It comforts me
when I am sad
Loves me even more
when I am bad
Whether right or wrong
I hear
the eternal 
‘I love you’

 This love
ceaseless & true
I share it
with you
Whether far or near
I sing with
a longing cheer

Yes! I love you.

 <3 Happy Valentine’s Day <3


 Japanese macaques celebrate their Valentine’s Day by meditating together in a hot spring. The eldest one is practicing a mudra also 🙂 <3 <3

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