Yoga transcends religion. It is a simple and sensible
way of living a healthier and meaningful life.

The Most Beautiful!

Wanting to marry
the most beautiful
a king searched
and found one
He said to her 
“My search is over and done 
you are the one”

Day and night
He would keep her
 in his sight
Looking at her face
with happiness,
his heart would race

Within two years
and six days
the beauty waned
they parted  ways  

He found
another one 
This time, for sure
 the most beautiful hun

But again
in less than a year
She wasn’t the expected beauty
it was crystal clear

This repeated
many times
Rising in his kingdom
were severe crimes

In his right eye
sat sorrow & fear
 In his left eye
 always a tear 

He felt deceived
angry and sad 
the world looked ugly
all was bad

He blamed all
tensed his fist
he wanted something
that didn’t exist.

Such is the state of a seeker who wanders around searching for a perfect path, a perfect master, and a perfect God.
Imperfection is of the past, which infact is not there. A yogi lives in the perfection of the moment. 


God is most beautiful
only if you see beauty
 in ugly also
If you see ugly
you can not see God

God is most powerful
only if you see strength
 in weak also
If you see weak
you can not see God

Search for Him 
On  Earth, Moon, and Sun
For sure
you will find none

 See Him 
in what you see
now, here!

You will see 
only Him every where!

So simple, so easy
is this way
The highest yoga
Aho! I say 🙂
<3 <3

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