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The Precious Soap

Soap 3DRoundMold

The Master gave a knowledge-soap to each of His disciples and asked them to go and use it.

One disciple asked why they needed to use the soap? The Master gave many reasons, hearing which all disciples were very happy.

Another disciple asked why the wrapping paper in which the soap was wrapped was white? He had seen a soap wrapped in pink somewhere else. He wanted to know the difference. The Master said the purpose of the soap was to clean, the wrapping paper didn’t matter. The disciple looked impressed and satisfied.

Another disciple opened the wrapping paper and smelled the soap. It had a very pleasant smell but different from another soap he had seen somewhere else. He wanted to know which one was better? The Master gave the same answer that the purpose of the soap was to clean, the choice of fragrance didn’t matter.

Another disciple asked why the soap was round, and if  there was any significance to that? The Master wanted to give the same answer that the shape didn’t matter, but because the disciples were interested in hearing more, He made up in great length the significance of the round shape which in fact made sense. The disciples were impressed and pleased, they all clapped.

One disciple noticed a small cut on the soap. He wanted to know why?  The Master wanted to laugh but was very patient. He  explained that the small cut on the soap was a reminder of the truth that the life consisted of both perfections and imperfections.

Many more questions were raised and many more answers were given.

The disciples wrote many books on soap. The soap became very popular. Many soap factories were established.

The  disciples kept the soap wrapped in the wrapping paper. For them it was an auspicious blessing from their Master. They wanted to preserve it.

They worshiped the soap.
They discussed the soap
They analyzed the soap
They argued over the soap
But no one used it
The Master just smiled and wondered!

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