Searching for God is like a fish in the ocean searching for water.
Is there a place where He is not?

The Root Cause of Birth & Death Cycle

 Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Dubai


Just finished a Yoga and Wellness retreat in Dubai with 115 yogis from six continents. 
For many participants, it was their first exposure to such a program, but everyone was so keen and sincere that within no time the whole group bonded in harmony by the wisdom and practices of yoga. Plants, whether new or old, they all look beautiful when they blossom. Everyone in this group looked so beautiful.
The course also was organized so beautifully by many volunteer yogis, led by Harsha & Dev Varyani, all so simple, sincre, and humble.
Also did a Full Moon meditation with 150 people at the magnificent Yoga Ashram in Dubai.
Thank you all. I truly enjoyed meeting and being with you.


Complete Gratefulness

If you are grateful 
Only for what you have
Then your gratefulness
Is incomplete

If you are also grateful for
What you don’t have
Then you are
Truly grateful

You may not know 
But there is a good reason 
For not having 
What you don’t have

 A yogi
Always & Forever!

The Root Cause of Birth and Death Cycle
(It is not the Karma)

You exist  
Because there is a desire
Just as the heat exists
As long as there is a fire

 It is the desire
That carries the prana
And so continues
  Your ‘aana aur jaana’  (birth and death)

Give rest to desires
The cycle will stop
All your karma, good and bad
Will instantaneously drop

First, limit your desires
Then, become desire-free
The secret lies in abhyasa
Says Sage Ved Vyasa!

Say His name again
Say it slowly
Say it with honour
He is so Holy

This wisdom is 
For the brave
Who with self-effort
His path he can pave

A reminder from the Sage
Don’t walk with a sleepy yawn 
Be willing to climb Himalaya
 To Awakening if you are drawn


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