Yoga transcends religion. It is a simple and sensible
way of living a healthier and meaningful life.

Tips For Yoga Teachers. The Webinar Date Changed

Tips For Yoga Teachers




Art of Teaching


Ā Mama said to her baby
Show me the ‘B’
The baby pointed to the ‘D’
Pointing to the ‘B’, said mama
YOU ARE RIGHT, that is ‘B”,
My baby, you are so clever
I will love you forever!

Mama said, let’s do more,
show me the nine.
Baby pointed to the four
Pointing to the nine, mama said
YOU ARE RIGHT, that is nine
I love you
You forever are mine!


My Hair Story šŸ™‚

I started losing hair at an early age. When I came to Canada, I thought, here in Canada, they must have a cure for hair loss. So, I went to see a Doctor. After waiting in the waiting room for about an hour, I was led to the Doctor’s office. There I saw a fully bald Doctor:)
He asked me how he could help me? I said I had stomach pain.

Stories and Simplicity Of Guru Nanak

The Webinar Date Changed to July 12, 2020

Halifax Time 10:00 AM, India Time 6:30 PM(Corrected)

Duration: 90 minutes


Stories and Simplicity of Guru Nanak (and my personal connection)
Simple Exercises for Healthier Knees

Languages:Ā  English, Chinese, Italian, Latvian, and Spanish.
(If you would like to translate in other languages for your groups, please let me know.)

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