Just as a lotus flowers blossoms in muddy waters, similarly, a skilled yogi
blossoms by fully functioning in the world but remaining unaffected by the events.

Vrindavan Calling!

Yoga Adventure and Retreat in Vrindavan!
Hatha Yoga Bhakti Yoga Gnana Yoga Karma Yoga
Are you interested?

Come and join my wife Bharti and me for a unique, meaningful, fun-filled, rejuvenating, and devotional experience in Mathura-Vrindavan, the birthplace and playground of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna is the Lord of Yoga and the supreme embodiment of love and devotion. Vrindavan is the most befitting and sacred place to learn yogic wisdom, and enliven one’s devotion by hearing Krishna’s playful and miraculous stories right where they happened.

This could also be a great opportunity to introduce yoga to your non-AOL family and friends in a fun and adventurous manner, which could be a stepping stone for them to step into the AOL to explore their spiritualty further.

What will we do in Vrindavan:
1. Hatha Yoga
Asanas twice daily. Learn how to do asanas properly and more effectively.
Learn a new technique (not named yet), inspired by the ‘Vrindavan Calling’. It has strengthening, energizing, cleansing, and calming effects on the body and mind, and I believe it can improve the functions of the involuntary muscles in the body. It will also make your asana practice more effective.
Daily practice of Pranayamas and Bandhas.
Different Meditations
 based on the wisdom of yoga

2. Bhakti and Gnana Yoga
Satsang with yogic wisdom, and devotional stories from Shrimad Bhagvatam
Visit birthplace of Krishna
Visit streets of Vrindavan where Krishna played with His friends, and played His flute.
Visit places associated with Krishna and His beloved Radha.
Visit ancient and new Temples

3. Karma Yoga:
We will identify some service projects with an intention to initiate them at a later date, in conjunction with the local Authorities, to make Vrindavan a cleaner and prettier city. It is one of the best ways to serve Krishna directly.

When : Arrival Nov 14 – Departure Nov 23, 2019
Boarding, Lodging, Hall rental, and other course related expenses: $ 750.00/person
Suggested Knowledge Donation only$150.00/ person.
{if you are unable to afford this, don’t worry about it. You can make a smaller donation. Some of this donation will be used to give scholarships to sincere yogis who are keen on doing SSY TTP but are unable to afford it.}
Total Fee: Canadian‌ 750 +Donation
Meals: Daily three pure vegetarian, delicious, and wholesome meals. Afternoon tea with seasonal cut fruits.
Accommodation: 2 people/room in a very comfortable 4* hotel.
You will be arranging your own transportation to and from the hotel.Pre-requisite
1. Interest in yoga
2. Some experience of yoga. However, if you are new to yoga, you may still apply, and learn some yoga between now and November
3. Good health
4. Minimum age: 18

Before you register, you must:
Consult your physician for any health concerns.
Consult the Department of Health in your country for any travel advisory, required vaccinations, or for any other recommended precautions.
Check if you are eligible for obtaining a visa for visiting India.

Interested in joining?
November is a very pleasant month to visit Vrindavan, and is a very high tourist season, but we have managed to find a very good hotel for a reasonable cost.
However, in order to go ahead with this, we must have 50 people registered with a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 by Feb 15, 2019.
The balance $650.00 would be due by Sep 1, 2019.

Those wishing to register after Feb 15, if any spaces are still available, would be able to register with a total fee of $1050.

Please write to me by Feb 1:

The registration link will be provided only when we have minimum 50 people interested.

Hoping that some of you would be able to join.

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