Just as a lotus flowers blossoms in muddy waters, similarly, a skilled yogi
blossoms by fully functioning in the world but remaining unaffected by the events.

Waking-up Early. Simplicity Is The Way! Upcoming Samatvam Course.

The Next Chapter of Our Lives. What a Joy!


Waking-up Early

A Good Thing To Do

Waking-up early is a great and sure way to have some extra and uninterrupted time to pursue your interests, whether it be spirituality, sports, music, writing, exercising, or anything else. When you wake up early, you wake up with Nature. It deepens your connection with Nature. The Sattva energy in the morning is much higher which can help improve your energy, enthusiasm, and attitude. It can make a big difference in the quality of your life.

Following tips may help you in waking up early:
  • Fix your bedtime and wake-up time but allow for 6-7 hours of sleep. Adhere to the set times as much as possible. 
  • Have a sincere intention to wake up early.
  • Don’t label yourself as ‘lazy’. It gives you an excuse to remain lazy.  Also, stop saying that you find it difficult to get up in the morning. The more you repeat it, the harder it becomes.
  •  Get off the bed right after the alarm goes off.
  • Even while lying in bed, make some movements with your body. It would inspire you to get off the bed to make more movements.
  •  Don’t sleep with a full stomach. Eat your dinner at least 3 hours before your bedtime. It is easier to wake up early with an empty stomach. If needed, have a very light snack before bed, but nothing heavy.
  • Above all, make ‘waking up early’ a priority. When something is important to you, you always manage to do it.

However, if waking up early is not an option for you, relax about it and make the best of what you have. Also, don’t become too rigid about waking up early. Once in a while, it is okay to seep-in. It is easier to follow a discipline that has some flexibility in it.


Simplicity Is The Way!

The air contains oxygen and many other gases. Your body knows how to separate the life-giving oxygen and discard other gases.
Milk contains butter, but one must know how to extract butter from it.

Similarly, the Creation contains both reality and unreality but one must learn how to separate the two.   Trying to understand real or unreal is not possible. It makes your mind more complex. Four other major factors that add to the complexity of the mind are self-centredness, being over-ambitious, fixed judgments, and ignorance.

Simplicity is the way to separate the real from unreal. Naturally, you are simple and Divine. The complexity in you is unreal. Strive to remain simple. Don’t have fixed judgments as all is changing. Serving others helps reduce self-centeredness.  Keep your understanding of people, life, and God simple. A simple mind doesn’t want to know. It remains in awe!

Simplicity is the butter that brings Krishna to you.


Upcoming Samatavam Course

for complete care of the mind

 The following Samatvam course is the only course I will be offering during the remainder of this year.  This course will be offered in the Webinar mode in which you will see only me, not the other participants. The Webinar mode has less technical issues and provides better privacy.

A sharing from the previous Samatvam course:
” On the very first day, in the very first hour, I felt a tremendous amount of peace in me. All the practices were powerful, brought me to new heights of samadhi… I could really experience oneness, all the layers and koshas were in such harmony that I was complete, whole. It is hard to express with words. Embracing all as myself was the missing piece, the rope that bound all loose ends together. …I admire your strength (physical and otherwise) and your deep wisdom, …Your teachings, sharings born out of experience carry so much depth and power, that whatever you say, it translates into an experience in me, so very precious. It was an honour being there on Samatvam. Looking forward to repeating it, and looking forward to Samatvam Silence as well.”

Read more experienceshere

Date:  November 26 -30, 2020

Fee: $300.00 Canadian

 To accommodate different time zones, this course will be offered at two different times. You can select your preferred time on the registration form.

Please fill out the registration form here

For more information and payment, please followthis link 

If you can’t afford the course fee, just write to me. You will be accommodated. 


Namaste means I honor you. Do namaste with your hands, mind, and heart. It will expand your belongingness and add to simplicity in your life.











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