A skilled yogi blossoms even while living in the three gunas, just as a lotus flower blossoms in muddy waters.

Webinar Update


Learn Ojas Breathing + More

Ojas Pranayama +More



Dear Friends,

Your response to this Webinar truly and deeply humbles me. It is now overbooked with 520 participants. I will plan another one soon.

If you have registered but are doubtful whether you will attend, please consider canceling your registration so that others can join.

I have received a few questions about the Ojas pranayama to which the answers are:

  • Anyone over 16 can learn and practice it.
  • For certain conditions, which I will talk about during the Webinar, it needs to be practiced very gently.
  • It should not be practiced during pregnancy.
  • Do not eat anything substantial for a minimum of two hours before the Webinar.
  • The webinar time is 10:00 AM ADT (Atlantic Daylight Time) which is 1:00 PM UTC (GMT)

If you have any questions you would like me to address during the Webinar, please send those to me.

I look forward to talking to you on March 29.


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