Yoga transcends religion. It is a simple and sensible
way of living a healthier and meaningful life.

What a beautiful journey it has been!


Above are some pictures from my recent courses:
I enjoyed every minute of being with all the course participants. Thank you all. Your sincerity and dedication touches me deeply.

What a beautiful journey it has been!

The Yoga Scriptures say that one must learn yoga under a Master. I have been fortunate enough to learn yoga under the kind guidance of Gurudev Sri Sri Rave Shankar. Prior to that I have had the fortune of learning yoga from many other Masters and teachers. Therefore, my whole yoga journey has been a learning experience, guided and inspired by great spiritual Masters.

I met Gurudev in 1986 in Halifax, canada, and since then not a single day has passed without learning or experiencing something new.
The most beautiful experience has been to witness the non-changing nature of Gurudev. In spite of all the changes and enormous growth that have taken place in AOL, He himself has remained unchanged. His simplicity, and purity of His un-conditional love for all have remained the same. The Scriptures call such a great being a ‘Niranjana’, the one who remains unaffected and unchanged by the changing events.
Another amazing experience has been to witness the supreme dispassion in Gurudev. He loves all, but is not bound to anyone. He has millions of followers, hundreds of ashrams, and He oversees thousands of projects all around the world, but He is not attached to any one of them.
He is the embodiment of the true vairagya, the great dispassion.
He is the living example of a true yogi, and I feel blessed and ever grateful to witness, experience, and learn the true meaning of yoga under Him.

My yoga student from all around the world have been one of the biggest highlights of my journey. I have received more from them than I have given. I have learnt more from them than I have taught. I am so grateful to each and every one of them. They have been my inspiration and the reason to continue teaching so far.
But now, after teaching AOL and SSY courses for over 30 years, I feel the need to retire and , therefore, will no longer be teaching AOL and SSY courses. I will surely miss teaching these courses as they have been a big part of me.
However, this doesn’t mean I am leaving AOL. I will still be supporting the AOL and SSY School in anyway I can, and you may still see me at at the AOL ashrams taking courses with you.

Since it is in my blood to teach yoga, I, like many other independent SSY teachers, may still offer some online programs or even one or two destination programs a year independently. I will keep you posted as the future unfolds.

With Gurudev seated in my heart, I send my love and best wishes to all my yoga students.

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