Yoga transcends religion. It is a simple and sensible
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Where Lies the True Knowledge?

Ahimsa : The first principle of yoga

“When you become non-violent in your actions, speech, and thoughts, the violence drops in your presence.” says Patanjali.

You become dear to all kingdoms of life, here and beyond.  

Guruji w elephant

Apple tree

The Words Are Not The True Knowledge

Just as milk contains butter in it but the milk itself is not butter, and just as an apple-seed contains apples in it but the seed itself is not an apple, the same way the words in the Scriptures contain knowledge in them, but the words themselves are not the knowledge.

To get butter out of milk, and to get apples out of the seed, there are processes that need to be followed. Similarly, to extract knowledge out of the words, certain principles must be followed, such as, having a keen interest in the knowledge, receiving knowledge from Guru with respect and humbleness, properly contemplating on the knowledge, and living the knowledge.

Just as a seed needs to dissolve before it can grow into a tree, the words need to dissolve before you can experience the true knowledge.

Such knowledge comes from within and takes you within.

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