Loving and Serving God is Supreme Yoga.
Serving those in need is serving God.

You are precious. Don’t keep hurting yourself.

Fall Day

Greetings from the Canadian Ashram! Today it’s a beautiful Fall day here.

You are precious. Don’t keep hurting yourself.

Regardless of the reason, whenever you are upset or angry you are hurting yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It is so ironic that in the process of becoming happier and making things better, you keep hurting yourself again and again.

You may not have control over the situations, and the situations will not stop coming, but you definitely have control on how angry and upset you become, or not become at all.

 Realize that you are hurting yourself, and stop it.

Hurting yourself is an act of violence. On the path of yoga, we strive to follow the principle of non-violence toward ourselves and others.

To know yourself you have to like yourself and not keep hurting yourself.

 Let this be your Navratri resolution that you will remember that you are precious and not keep hurting yourself.  ❤


May Divine Mother bless you with Jnana!
May auspicious things happen in your life!
May you experience fulfilment in this life!

? Happy Navratri! ❤ 

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