Becoming a yogi simply means becoming a better person

You are so innocent…

To my students: <3

Don’t ever take my advice

I am a blabber

Not wise

I pretend

And tell lies

But you don’t see that

 You are so innocent

Like a flower

I tell you to do Butterfly 01

What I don’t do

And tell you not to do

What I do

I am a hypocrite

But you don’t see that

 You are so innocent

Like a butterfly

I know you will still come

And listen to my liespuppy-baby

And when I finish

You will hug me

With tears in your eyes

 You are so innocent

Like a baby

radha-dancing-to-tune-of-krishnas-flute-BE57_lInnocence is the road

That leads to His abode

You, for sure, will go there

To His flute and Divine affair

Where will I go?

I want to hide

SomewhereHiding bird

 In some place

But I can’t find

A corner

An inch of space

From infinity to naught

Where He is not!

Bible 5

Yes, it is so

It is so

The only Truth that  I know

<3 <3

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