Just as a lotus flowers blossoms in muddy waters, similarly, a skilled yogi
blossoms by fully functioning in the world but remaining unaffected by the events.

You can touch God’s love

Why desire happiness?
Sing in sadness
Dance in thunders
Rainbow comes only after the rain.
Why know the Truth?
Brightness hides sky's beauty
Life's beauty lies in non-truth
In Truth, there is nothing.

Why desire seeing God?
Just long 
God is love
Meeting spoils love.
Why celebrate just birth
& mourn death?
Birth separates
Death unites.

Seeker lives in the moment
Lover dies every moment
Seeker wants to know 
Lover dissolves.
Sing when you are sad
Dance when there is thunder
Be a lover
Die every moment
You will feel His love
& touch it
& taste it
I promise
Because I have.

                 Happy Easter!

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