Loving and Serving God is Supreme Yoga.
Serving those in need is serving God.

Your Panchakosha Is Your Responsibility.

Your Panchakosha, a Beautiful Gift!


 Like your house has many different rooms for various functions; similarly, your whole-being has five sheaths that serve different functions. The five sheaths (body, prana sheath, mind, intellect, and blissful sheath) together are called Panchakosha. Like you have a house, but you are not the house; similarly, you have a Panchakosha, but you are not the Panchakosha. Certain parts of your house, such as walls and ceilings, are visible, and certain parts such as foundation, pipes, and wires, etc., are hidden. Similarly, your body is the only visible sheath, the other four sheaths are subtle and hidden. 

Your Panchakosha requires regular care, and it’s your responsibility to take care of it properly. Each sheath requires a different type of care, which you must learn. If everyone knew how to take care of their Panchakoshas and took responsibility for taking care of them, everyone would be much healthier and happier. 

All sheaths of all Panchakosha are made up of the one and same Consciousness. The only difference is in the shape and form of the first sheath, the body. All invisible sheaths in all beings are the same.  What makes one Panchakosha nicer than the other is how you take care of it.

Taking proper care of your Panchkosha makes you a nicer person. Becoming a nicer person is essential for maturing on the spiritual path. 

If I am not the Pacnchakosha, who am I then, you may ask? The books tell you that you are Consciousness, but you must find your own answer, which you cannot do without becoming a nicer person first. 

 Take proper care of your Panchakosha. It’s a gift to you from God. It’s a vehicle that takes you around and brings you back home when you truly desire.





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