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Your Soul Is The Way!

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Your Soul Is The Way!

A few days back, I received a lovely email from my yoga student, Elsa, along with the following drawing, which reminded me of my Soul and inspired me to write this post.

There is no difference between God and Soul except that God is one, and there are as many Souls as there are minds. Your Soul is your personal God.  Your Soul talks to you and guides you but to hear it you must transcend your mind. Your Soul naturally emanates love, peace, and kindness. Fully contented, it remains absorbed in itself.  It is the silent witness to all your thoughts, intentions, and actions.

The space inside a house is the same as the outside, except that the inside space is confined by the walls. It’s the walls that create the duality, the inside and outside. When there are no walls, it is all one. Similarly, your mind creates the illusory boundaries in the Godly consciousness, and the Godly consciousness within those boundaries is called your Soul. It’s the mind that creates the duality. When the illusory boundaries of the mind disappear, the duality also disappears.

One of the amazing attributes of Godly consciousness is that even if you divide it into an infinite number of pieces, each piece will remain the same Godly consciousness in every sense. Therefore, each Soul is exactly the same as God.

Your Soul is the direct way of experiencing God, and how you experience God is unique. Within the truth, that there is one God, there lie many other truths. Your experience of God is your truth. You must find your own truth. Your truth may resemble someone else’s truth, but someone else’s truth cannot be your truth. Your unique truth lies in your Soul. To discover it, you must connect and listen to your Soul.

With each breath, thought, and action, remember your Soul. It is always with you, here and now. Whenever you feel comforting waves of love, peace, kindness, or contentment arising within you, know that they are coming from your Soul. Be with them as though you are with your Soul. Acknowledge the presence of your Soul. The more you acknowledge it, the more real and tangible it becomes.

Honor the love of your Soul by loving all and not disliking anyone. Honor the kindness of your Soul by being kind to all. Honor your Soul’s contentment by being grateful for what was, what is, and what will be. If you can honor your Soul, surely, you will experience God.

Sarva Om!      Sarva Om!      Sarva Om!
(All is Divine)



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