Loving and Serving God is Supreme Yoga.
Serving those in need is serving God.

Remaining With Your Self, and The Fruit of The Spirit.

Remaining With Your Self, a note to my students. An accomplished musician walks with his music. A  dance master keeps creating dance in his mind. A businessman keeps his eyes on the money. Similarly, a seeker must remain with his Self. A father enrolled his son in soccer classes. The son would go on the […] Read More

Your Panchakosha Is Your Responsibility.

Your Panchakosha, a Beautiful Gift!    Like your house has many different rooms for various functions; similarly, your whole-being has five sheaths that serve different functions. The five sheaths (body, prana sheath, mind, intellect, and blissful sheath) together are called Panchakosha. Like you have a house, but you are not the house; similarly, you have […] Read More

Sage Anidra – ‘Just Love’

  Today, king Abhaya asked Sage Anidra many questions about blessings, grace, and prayer. Andira smiled and played a song on his flute. Just Love O, nobleman! Praying is for the worldly. The seekers of Spirit just love. Your prayers confuse God. You pray for contentment, then you also pray for long life, success, and […] Read More