Searching for God is like a fish in the ocean searching for water.
Is there a place where He is not?

May You Become Happy!

I wish you a very Happy New Year, but with a reminder that happiness is not something you find somewhere. Instead, you have to become happy. The happiness which you find somewhere is temporary, but the joy that comes from becoming happy is everlasting. You can become happy by living the simple wisdom of yoga. […] Read More

Tips For Regular Bowel Movement + Update On Yoga Classes

You Inspire Me To Write and Teach More. Thank You. “Whenever I see your blog pop into my inbox, I have a big smile on my face before I even read the content :). I look forward to them so much…..Thank you, your sharings are so precious and help me a lot on my life’s […] Read More

Krishanji, do you still believe in Guru Ji?

Some Sharing From The Ongoing Yoga Classes  I’m so happy you plan to do more yoga classes with us.  I like doing yoga with you.  Be it gentle yoga, lazy yoga, contracting yoga, with or without dumbbells/ankle weights/resistance bands.  I like them all.  There are magic ingredients in your yoga, I don’t know what they […] Read More

When Will I Become Enlightened?

  Krishanji, I have been on the path for over twenty years. Is there a time guideline for becoming enlightened?  I am not enlightened I know nothing about it It’s a loveless term It’s not my fit But they do say It’s ‘now or never’ Since it’s not ‘now’ So, perhaps, ‘never’ You may travel […] Read More

Why Does Love Diminish?

  Krishanji, why does love diminish, even toward the close ones? Love is forever, but where you keep it makes a difference. A river at the source is pure, but it gets altered as it travels through the crowds. Similarly, love in the Soul is pure, but it may get tainted when it is moved […] Read More

Sadness Can Be A Blessing

“Krishanji, my life experiences have generated a lot of sadness in my heart which I can’t seem to remove. Could you please guide?” Hindu Scriptures recommend that one’s life be divided into four stages: Education and development of skills  (Brahmacharya).  Family life and fulfillment of desires and ambitions (grihastha). Bringing more spirituality in life, including […] Read More

Waking-up Early. Simplicity Is The Way! Upcoming Samatvam Course.

The Next Chapter of Our Lives. What a Joy!   Waking-up Early A Good Thing To Do Waking-up early is a great and sure way to have some extra and uninterrupted time to pursue your interests, whether it be spirituality, sports, music, writing, exercising, or anything else. When you wake up early, you wake up […] Read More

Tips For Yoga Teachers. The Webinar Date Changed

Tips For Yoga Teachers Have a feeling of friendliness toward your students. Don’t see yourself superior to them. While giving instructions, keep your eyes open. It makes the students feel they are being observed for correctness. When guiding a meditation, you can close your eyes. Keep your face relaxed. A tense teacher makes yoga look […] Read More

Is Creation Really An Illusion!

Dear Krishanji, If Creation is an illusion, and God is present in every being, then is God also an illusion? Could you please share your views. This question is a good example of how knowledge may seem contradictory and confusing. Just as, God is one but there are many aspects of God, similarly, Truth is […] Read More