Becoming a yogi simply means becoming a better person

Your Soul Is The Way!

Answers to your questions on the upcoming Detox Program You won’t need to take any time off work. For the guided home program, you will need one hour in the morning and one in the evening. The live sessions are on the weekend only. However, it may be slightly different for some time zones. There […] Read More

Dealing With A Best Friend’s Betrayal, Spiritually.

“Dear Krishanji, Someone, who was my best friend and a business partner, betrayed me by taking a large sum of money from the business by deception. I didn’t take legal action for personal reasons and have tried to let it go, but I can’t seem to get rid of the anger and grief in me. […] Read More

Increasing Sattva.

True Purpose of Soulful Knowledge If you don’t understand  knowledge   It’s not meant for you yet. Be patient.  If you understand it, excellent!  If it benefits you, even better!! If it touches your Soul, you are the reason!!!       ‘Get In Shape’  ~an unconventional program for making the body fit and strong~ ~a […] Read More

Coming Back Home, and Upcoming Samatvam-1 Course

A note to my students: My intentions behind writing blog-posts and teaching you yoga are not to influence you, but to encourage you to discover your unique spirituality. My encouragement is three-fold; simplicity, self-effort, and loving God.  Your true guide is your Soul. Listen to her. Upcoming Samatvam-1 Course April 23 -27, 2021 Samatvam course, […] Read More

Loving-Oneness, and More

A not-needed apology. “Dear Krishanji, I would like to apologize to you for the following: During the re-run of Yoga Class Series 1, there was one week I was busy, but I really wanted to review the class, so I made a copy of it before the deadline. But then there was a struggle in […] Read More

Please help, and preparing for the Webinar

Please Help…. “Dea Krishan Ji, ……I find myself stuck in a pattern, a particular hankering I don’t understand why I am stuck in and I am unable to get out of it. I am praying and surrendering and still it lingers. I want to wake up now. I really do. I have had enough of […] Read More

May You Become Happy!

I wish you a very Happy New Year, but with a reminder that happiness is not something you find somewhere. Instead, you have to become happy. The happiness which you find somewhere is temporary, but the joy that comes from becoming happy is everlasting. You can become happy by living the simple wisdom of yoga. […] Read More

Tips For Regular Bowel Movement + Update On Yoga Classes

You Inspire Me To Write and Teach More. Thank You. “Whenever I see your blog pop into my inbox, I have a big smile on my face before I even read the content :). I look forward to them so much…..Thank you, your sharings are so precious and help me a lot on my life’s […] Read More

Krishanji, do you still believe in Guru Ji?

Some Sharing From The Ongoing Yoga Classes  I’m so happy you plan to do more yoga classes with us.  I like doing yoga with you.  Be it gentle yoga, lazy yoga, contracting yoga, with or without dumbbells/ankle weights/resistance bands.  I like them all.  There are magic ingredients in your yoga, I don’t know what they […] Read More