Loving and Serving God is Supreme Yoga.
Serving those in need is serving God.

The Third Eye!

After imparting yogic wisdom to Sage Anidra, Lord Narayana instructed him to travel and share the yogic wisdom with those who are ready and worthy of receiving this knowledge. Lord Narayana blessed Anidra with two boons. 1: Anidra could instantly transport himself to any place with his intention. 2: The Lord gave Anidra one of […] Read More

On and Off The Path, Over and Over!

“Krishan. It feels like being pulled off the path over and over and constantly struggling to get back and stay on again and again. Is this about what life is? Are there ways to walk the path differently? Most likely. What do you think? “ Dear, you are not alone. Many people experience this not […] Read More

How Does One Know!!

Dear Krishanji, What makes a seeker mature, and how does he know that he has matured? An apple seed sprouts to grow into a seedling sapling and a mature apple tree. Throughout its journey, an apple tree is always an apple tree but is considered mature when it blossoms and has apples. The revealing of […] Read More

The Peacock Dance & Happy Navaratri plus Free Webinars

The Peacock Dance The peacock’s dance is one of nature’s sublime and dignified beauties.  A peacock, while dancing, displays its beauty, grace, energy, and power to attract its mate. Similarly, for ten days, twice a year, Consciousness reveals its motherly splendor of love, power, strength, knowledge, and wealth, which Her devotees experience.  With Her love […] Read More

Glimpses From The Shudham Yoga Retreat In Italy + A Welcome Note For My Students

  In a beautiful and serene setting, we just finished the Shudham ‘Yoga Retreat’ at the Mandali Centre in Italy. Full to the capacity, there were 52 of us from 16 countries. All participants, some very young and new to spirituality, were amazingly sincere and receptive. The Shudham Yoga Retreats are an excellent way to […] Read More

Choiceless Spirit

Choiceless Spirit. How to deal with an enemy? Asked a disciple. How must I know I don’t have any? Replied Anidra, and he giggled. There was a beauty in his giggles. When he giggled, his whole being giggled. Then he spoke again: The worldly ways are many, that people choose. Negotiate. Compromise. Surrender. Manipulate. Defame. […] Read More

God’s Whisper!

  Last evening, after Sage Anidra spoke on God’s love, he played a song on his flute: Shhh….. If you can slow down your mind’s noise, you will hear His voice, a whisper, I love you! I love you! Whatever your past, it doesn’t matter. This is your moment, make it better. But still, it […] Read More

Being at ease with your spirituality and imperfections.

  “Krishan ji …I have been practicing and teaching yoga for several years, but at times, I feel stuck and frustrated for not being able to maintain discipline and implement knowledge in my life. Please advise.” Most yoga seekers face this frustration and either give up the journey or continue it but remain stuck in […] Read More

God’s Dignity!

    Gopal and Leela were a happily married couple with their four-year-old son, Hari. They had a farm in the same village where Sage Andra’s ashram was. They had developed closeness toward Anidra. They worked hard, especially Leela. She was the strength of the family and the whole village. She inspired people to work […] Read More