Thank you for visiting my website, and reading my blog. Here, I share my views on Yoga, and my experiences from my spiritual journey. My views are not meant to be any advice for anyone, and I don’t expect anyone to agree with me.
I am blessed to have received guidance from many great spiritual Masters of present and past. Shudham means pure. On this blog I celebrate and share the beauty, innocence, and purity of my Masters. 
I also have had the fortune to travel around the globe and teach yoga to thousands of beautiful people from all walks of life. My students are very special to me. I like hearing from them and replying to them when I can. I feel very touched and humbled when they share their experiences.  When I write, I keep my students in mind, as they can relate more to what I write.
As you will see from my posts, Yoga for me is much bigger than just the asanas and pranayamas. It is about celebrating life. It is about being a better person and living a meaningful life that is not self-centred. It is about acknowledging the goodness in others. It is about admiring the creation and Creator. It is about taking a moment to watch a bird fly, and feel so much oneness with the bird that you feel that you yourself are flying. It is about taking the time to watch the leaves on a tree dance, and believe that they are dancing just for you. It is about taking each breath, and drinking each drop of water, with gratefulness. 
 All is God, and God is all. Yoga is about loving God. It is about loving all, including yourself. 
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