Loving and Serving God is Supreme Yoga.
Serving those in need is serving God.

Some Sharing From My Students:

Yoga Classes With Patanjali Yoga Sutras
"..the journey through these classes feels eternal and so deep. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. When you talk, it feels as if Divinity is flowing through you. It doesn't feel like words but like the sound of creation. It deeply touches my soul and I feel that I am maturing spiritually as a result..."
"When I am in your presence I feel that my heart opens and my consciousness expands, I choose
to walk the path of Yoga, going through what comes, with love..Infinite thanks for taking me
out of the theory to be able to breathe it, I feel great admiration and respect
from the first day that I was able to have you very close.Thank you for sharing all your wisdom"
and for the dedication."

"I can feel my body strengthening and being more aware of my mind holding on unnecessary thoughts. I feel someone is really caring for me. I feel unique. Loved. Seen.
Again tears come to my eyes. Thank you dear Krishan Ji. From my heart, thank you."

"The overwhelming love and silence dawning in me by listening to the knowledge you are sharing.
The disarming simplicity and evidence. The natural happening, dawning, beyond the words,
reaching the truth in my being, so real, so easily getting triggered by your words -
or better by the vibrant experience of yours… which is reaching, in spite of
the distance... unfolding a deeper meaning for this spiritual journey we are all embarked in.
Thank you is not the proper word. Maybe gratitude… yet it feels poor too..."

I’m really loving every minute of these sessions & finding the entire process very rewarding.
I had deep seated pain in my legs, arms, back, neck etc., & listening to your gentle voice I can do the stretches however painful, because my experience is that it’s an “outgoing pain” which has surfaced up from deep muscles followed by great relief. After a long time I’m able to do the bow pose once again. My family has noticed that my posture is much better and skin has some color back in it. This program is God sent, channeled through a wonderful master teacher."

"From your first session online early in the pandemic, I have been adjusting many times to what works best for my vision needs. I began with a very large screen to see you. When I felt it was not so necessary, I moved to a laptop, and now I place my small phone on a stand.

Your clear and simple instructions, your voice and of all, your presence give me no choice but to close my eyes as I listen to your knowledge. What was peace---relief from pain is now the sweet, steady, complete experience of love. So when I do yoga with you, I keep my eyes closed and it feels that every movement is a gesture in puja. There is still pain, but it is longing which brings sweet tears that I never want to wipe away.
My landscape which was needing God is now opening to love.
Thank you, with all my heart."

"When I am in your presence I feel that my heart opens and my consciousness expands, I choose to walk the path of Yoga, going through what comes, with love. That he had fallen asleep only out of ignorance. Infinite thanks for taking me out of the theory to be able to breathe it, I feel great admiration and respect from the first day that I was able to have you very close.
Thank you for sharing all your wisdom and for the dedication.
With love"


Please, let me again thank you for allowing me to be on the wonderful journey called Samatvam!

On the very first day, in the very first hour i felt a tremendous amount of peace in me.
All the practices were powerful, brought me to new heights of samadhi... i could really experience oneness, all the layers and koshas were in such harmony that i was complete, whole. It is hard to express with words. Embracing all as myself was the missing piece, the rope that bound all loose ends together. A glimpse to enlightenment, and with the tools to be in that state longer and longer...

I admire your strength (physical and otherwise), your deep wisdom, a shining beacon of grace, The Yogi...

Your teachings, sharings born out of experience carry so much depth and power, that whatever you say, it translates into an experience in me, so very precious.

The Love, care, grace and humbleness you live is something i am striving for.

The questionnaire of knowing myself better, swadhyaya, pushed me into a deep soul-searching for which i am again very grateful for.

It was an honour being there on Samatvam. Looking forward to repeat it, and looking forward to Samatvam Silence as well.

Dearest Krishanji,
Somehow, almost magically, you found the words to express the inexpressible.

To lead us all home to the depths of our heart.

To the glory of the present moment.

To the oneness of all that is.

Deepest reverence from the bottom of a very full heart.

Love you so much.

Thank you for Samatvam. It was very special. I felt very blessed and privileged to witness the unfolding of wisdom, spirit of Yoga and devotion so authentically. Yoga can't be more pure and sincere than what i witnessed and experienced. My heart feels more pure, my mind more peaceful and my whole being more devotional. I feel closer to God and Guru. Thank you!

The Samatvam course was very deep. The timings in the evening skewed my sleep/food times a bit but the mind was so so still post that. And I learned what it meant to take responsibility of the mind. To see it be low or high and to let it be. The awareness is much stronger and vivid. Am hoping to continue the Ojas kriya and go deeper in my yoga practice. There are so many changes going on in my life right now, and you gave me a methodology by which to deal with them. Feel much closer to Gurudev than before. Am grateful.

Thank you once again. Grateful that the divine has brought you in my life.

I want to thank you for this course, for your precious time! I feel like a lot of my personal blocks have dissolved through this course. I would love to have a recording to practice Ojas Kriya regularly and to use the techniques for my personal strengthening!
Also if you can hold something like this every couple of months where we go deeper into the practice of yoga and become a better teacher, I would be very grateful!
Thank you,

I have no words to express my feelings of gratitude for such a wonderful course. So much love and care for us.
My questions were answered. And the ones I thought that have not been answered, I realized that you have given me tools to be able to answer them. I feel now much stronger and with a clear understanding of my wonderful mind. I love my mind.
I also realized that I have to respect myself more and listen more for what I really want to do, and I will do it.

Samatvam:Manier times i thought should sit down and pen it down my experience of Samatvam course.

I just stop, words simply disappear and there is this huge void, infinite pool i float in. I really dont know how to express myself.

All i know is everytime i recollect the moments spent during those days i feel good, elevated, brings genuine smile on the face, and tears rolls down.

This virtual platform was such a blessing for me to experience this workshop just sitting at home at the same time attending family responsibility. Even if we would have sat close to each other in physical room experience would have been so deep and profound.

Simply love you!!

I am filled with gratefulness for being able to attend your Samatvam course. In fact, this is my first time to do a course with you. And you may not believe it, before this course, I had no knowledge about Samatvam, Ojas Kriya, including you (sorry for my ignorance). But this ignorance actually brings me lots of pleasant surprises and immediate benefits. Without expectations, the impact is even bigger.

I feel so grateful and blessed to be part of this course. The course was really intense and it was like a deep internal bath to clear out all the negative and misconceptions formed in mind all these years.
After every ojas kriya there was a deep silence and absolute stillness and was just feeling so light and empty... I am short of words to put down my experience in words

I had a wonderful experience during this course. Meeting with myself during this course and opening up my concepts. Now I feel a much better person. You gave such a wonderful knowledge, I never know before. I feel very contented after this course.
While doing the asanas and Ojas kriya, tears are rolling down automatically which I never experienced before. Everyday tears rolled down and afterwards I felt very light.
At body level, I feel lighter and so good, active. Mind is clearer. I feel strength within with a sense of freedom.

Samatvam experience was very precious and profoundly immense. Knots and emotions kept arising and dissolving in the ocean of gratitude. I have the feeling of being in silence. The feeling of amazing expansion of my aura.
Thank you Krishanji for your love, for your sharing of the precious knowledge.

Filled with gratitude which cannot be expressed with words for this extraordinary knowledge, yoga, Ojas Kriya, and experiences.

This is exactly the knowledge, discipline, and practice I needed to go deeper. Such a precious gift!

Feeling so much love and gratitude that I am unable to express in words. Filled with tears when you ended the session and tears are still rolling down my cheeks continuously.

The knowledge was so silent, bringing such stillness with fullness. It shaped the whole practice with depth of silence, presence of Mind, and serene completion of the Heart. All was like magic. Literally beyond time.

I am grateful to you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to participate
In Samatvam course. It was a wonderful experience. Feeling so calm and relaxed.
Your presence is enough and on top of that knowledge and such deep meditations and Ojas Kriya. Such a meditative course full of your loving Presence!
Thanks a lot!

I am fortunate to have been part of first SAMATVAM course by you.
It cleansed a ton of anger bottled in me and now after a few days I feel the coolness in my head región again. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in control of my anger & mind, I hope it will last till there is Ojas Kriya follow up.
This technique of contracting, expanding and relaxing each body part is very effective for me, it relieves aches, pain and knots in my shoulder & upper back. I have started morning walks after a break of multiple years now. Yet I find time to complete house work & job demands.
I humbly ask for a recording of guided Ojas Kriya in your divine voice. And I think a lot of people need this so our practice is regular and consistent. And with Grace my inner wisdom will become strong enough where I listen to it every moment.

I really enjoyed the Samatvam course. It felt like exactly what I needed. My mind has been very scattered and although I have many spiritual tools in my toolbox, sometimes it just seems difficult to access them. Your knowledge is so sweet and simple. When you say "the divine loves me", it is very easy to believe it, how can it be but the truth.

I look forward to many future courses with you.

The experiences during the course were unique, my questions arising in the process got answered through the practices we did and the knowledge you were
sharing. Again as in every course under your guidance I got some wonderful surprises from by body which within an extremely short time became more flexible and
opened up towards the asanas. Regarding the knowledge you were sharing: it was so soothing and removing imaginary conflict and contradictions from the inspiring
things I heard over the years, putting the concepts I’ve been carrying with me into new light.

I wanted to say from my heart Thank You for the beautiful course and the opportunity to spend whole 5 days in the atmosphere of love, enthusiasm and wisdom.

Now after a few days have passed after the course I see a change in a way I’m doing things, in my attitude and awareness during the practices and
during everyday activities. Basically doing the same things as before the course but with more awareness, love and as a consequence with more precision and quality.

I wish that more people can get into contact with the practices, the knowledge and the beautiful atmosphere you are creating.

Samatvam:I feel so grateful and blessed to be part of this course. The course was really intense and it was like a deep internal bath to clear out all the negative and misconceptions formed in mind all these years.

After every ojas kriya there was a deep silence and absolute stillness and was just feeling so light and empty... I am short of words to put down my experience in words

The biggest learnings for me are:
*Tap into my own wisdom and most importantly giving freedom to others to function in their wisdom - There was so much judgement, criticism, non-acceptance on other people's action and mostly trying to do thing my way... this one statement shook me off and making me to be more aware before judging myself or somebody

*Simplify learnings and start towards application rather than going behind learning more....

Thank you again. This course has given me more confidence and made me fall in love with your way of teaching.

Thanking you is never enough for this course. I'm very blessed and destined to do it with you.

Samatvam course is a very beautiful journey for me. Your loving and gentle guidance can make me stronger and lighter on my spiritual and worldly journey. I can't thank you enough for your love and guidance to me. I am so lucky.

I am so grateful for the Healthier Me Program ...it really has changed me so much. I feel so good, alive, energetic and most importantly, I feel so strong. I sleep better and the emotional imbalances that I was feeling have also subsided a lot. I feel quite balanced overall. And I am happy to report that I have been able to stick to my practices. There is always room for improvement but I am happy with my achievement thus far.

I truly believe that this program is a must for everyone. It has changed my perspective about proper health. Even though we do sadhna and yoga daily, an understanding of proper health in an authentic sense has come to me through you on this Healthier Me Programme. I am so grateful. Thank you

My favourite aspect of SSY teacher training was my incredible teacher Krishan Verma. I could have gone to any school of yoga to receive training in how to do asanas properly, offer modifications, correct tiny details of postures, and to understand he functional anatomy of each posture. If yoga was just about physical fitness for me, then I might have made that choice. What I really wanted was a complete knowledge of yoga. Having gone to many yoga classes at many yoga studios, I felt that not all, but many of the teachers were “pretending yoga” the same way children play house and the kids pretend to be the mother. There was some gap between the profound ancient tradition of yoga, and the instruction in the yoga studio that had been diluted or modified knowingly or unknowingly somewhere down the line. The teachers had a lot of expertise when it came to asanas, but something was missing. I felt it not only when they tried to make some explicit reference to yogic wisdom, but even in the pauses between their words. I felt we were resting on the surface and I wanted something more. In SSY, I found the authentic training that encompassed a full definition of yoga. While most schools these days give instruction in the history and philosophy of yoga, absorbing this knowledge from a teacher who is a living example of every pearl of wisdom is a very special experience. In our sessions, when Krishanji would elaborate on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras or the Yogasara Upanishads, I could feel the knowledge taking root in me……

It is also obvious to me that my capacity to be useful has increased tremendously, most of the hours in my days are productive whereas previously I needed so much more time to recover from my work. My sleeping, memory, and mental clarity have all improved. My relationships are healthier and more enjoyable. I feel incredibly strong and powerful within myself and at the same time I am in touch with the beauty and delicacy of life and value it like never before. Krishanji, I am thrilled to be on this yogic journey and it has been a privilege to attend courses with you. It is not possible for me to fully express my gratitude to you. There was a big gap in my knowledge of what life is and how to live like a yogi and you have perfectly filled the gap by generously sharing your time and experience, the longer courses have been especially beneficial for me. I feel blessed to be your student.

The ability to expound on spiritual concepts is something many learned teachers can do, but I believe I was blessed to have a teacher who gave each piece of wisdom out like a seed and somehow planted them all in my heart. I have had the privilege of watching the seeds sprout and grow over the last 12 years as I have grown more and more into the adult that I always wanted to be. In my training I had an experience of the depth of my own nature, the silent pool just below the rippling surface of my mind; I felt the freedom, connection, playfulness I knew as a small child; and I felt the strength of my own stability, the equipoise I would later use to navigate some difficult challenges life had in store for me…..

Your presence and guidance in my life in addition to all your programmes and trainings that I have attended with you have changed my life in ways that I cannot even express in words. However I will attempt to express the inexpressible. These words are just a mere glimpse of the impact that you made and continue to make in my life. Yoga has truly become a way of life for me and not just a practice. I have learnt the true essence of Yoga with you. Your teachings have added so much depth, reverence and beauty to my Yoga practice and life in general. My expression and perception of life has deepened and become so much more meaningful. Your teachings have so much of simplicity, humility, practicality, loads of fun and sacredness and this translates into an experiential reality for me in my day to day to life. It brings a lot of inspiration to all aspects of my life. Not a day goes by where I do not ponder on and experience/implement something that I have learnt with you. This continues to add more value and depth to my life. Most importantly I feel that I have become a better and stronger person.

During the 2 weeks that were spent with him during the TTP in Boone, NC (USA) and later on the Yoga instructor’s refresher meet, every session was different! Processes that he conducted not only brought strength and flexibility for my body without doubt helped me realize courage in the mind. The methodology and sequence of doing asanas developed by him are truly unique, extending it to my students I have seen immense healing for them and elevation in their mindsets, I only have him to thank. No words justify the complete packaged experience of spiritual development one can experience during his programs. For a true seeker it’s a “precious” treat, and I hope that many in this world will experience the bequest of his teaching. Namaste.

Everytime I come to your course, I leave feeling more beautiful and enriched as a person. You have been so instrumental in giving the world a better and more authentic version of myself. And the most precious thing for me is that you take me closer to my Self and always deepen my connection and devotion to Guruji. I feel closer to Guruji everytime I am with you. You have added more beauty, fun and lightness to my Spiritual journey. Thank you for walking this path with me and guiding me with so much of love and compassion along the way J I feel very very lucky and blessed to be one of your students and have you as my teacher, mentor and guide. It is very rare to have such fortune. Immense Gratitude and Lots of Love

From my first real encounter with yoga experience in Oct 2004 during Sri Sri Yoga TTC 1 in Taiwan, I experienced the deepest rest and emptiness of the mind. From time to time, I experienced that again. Looking back, those moments of silences all tend to relate to Krishanji’s courses, be it Sri Sri Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Advance Meditation or Himalaya Awakening. Somehow, it is the way Krishanji leads the stretches and prepares our mind before we sit down for the meditation. Also, it is the way he delivers the knowledge because he has gone through it and understands it fully. He is a true Yogi leading by example.

Studying yoga with Krishanji helped me comprehend yoga, not only as a life style but also as a way of being: Simple, childlike, joyful and wise. He rekindles human values such as genuine care, love and selfless service in his students as a walking example. To me, he is not only a yoga teacher but a living example of a real yogi. Dearly inspired by him, I consider learning yoga in the presence of such a yoga teacher as a privilege.

Learning from and being with Krishanji is a transformational experience. His methods and teachings are not only from the ancient scriptures but are made alive to us from his own experience. He is truly a Yogi himself and just being in his presence inspires me to follow the path of Yoga in a bona fide and authentic way. He is also charming and infectiously witty and makes the most challenging knowledge and techniques so easy and effortless. True to the tradition of Yoga we come out transformed not only at the body level but also learn to master and align our minds in service of ourselves and mankind. If you wish to live this life well, you certainly need an encounter with our amazing Krishanji! No words can describe the experience adequately. I feel eternally grateful to be on this path of Yoga and more so with his guidance.

I have been meaning to write since the Himalayan Awakening (8 months ago already) to express my deepest gratitude to you for making that experience so meaningful and life changing for me….. Every aspect of the HA experience, the exercise/yoga sessions, meditations, and simple caring way you shared your vast knowledge with us, was for me a highlight of my life and journey on the yoga path. Your wonderful gentle, loving and fun manner as a guide and teacher, opened the world of yoga to me from the surface I was at, to a vastly deeper understanding and appreciation of, not just the Asana’s (to practice with “honour and respect”), but the many and wonderful aspects of yoga as a way of life and quest for self realization. Your teachings have helped me live a more fulfilled life, by sharing your vast knowledge in such a simple gentle way. Theses gifts I carry with me constantly in my daily life. I am eternally grateful to you Krishanji (and to myself for bringing me to your course),

Just returned to SA after spending 3 weeks at the Himalayan Awakening (Yoga Retreat) in Montreal. A life changing experience …. not easy to describe in words except to say that ….. it was the most valuable, most enjoyable, most precious time … with a teacher that I am blessed to be guided by on this journey of Life.

It has only been a week since the course but my body and mind are still detoxing! I feel no craving for food, which was my number 1 raga last Thursday ? The course has been a game changer! I am even sitting and walking better!! You are the best! You don’t know me but I feel like you are my father, my spiritual guide ?

Firstly, you create and maintain a wonderful learning atmosphere, free from judgement and expectation. So, on your courses, I am able to relax completely and be myself while learning. You also thoroughly embody the yogic teachings. Your example of simplicity, compassion, love and service inspires me. It’s a magical combination to be allowed to totally relax while also feeling inspired to develop my potential. Without doubt the greatest gift I find in your courses is the way you empower me. Your emphasis on clearly explaining exactly what I can do to clear my mind and experience the unbound joy and depth of yoga has left me with a simple road map. And KrishanJi, I use this map to navigate the most challenging moments in life, staying as centered and clear as I possibly can. Being told by you that I am the one who must initiate my own practice and having been given all the instruction and encouragement to do it has empowered me tremendously.

Studying yoga with Krishanji helped me comprehend yoga, not only as a life style but also as a way of being: Simple, childlike, joyful and wise. He rekindles human values such as genuine care, love and selfless service in his students as a walking example. To me, he is not only a yoga teacher but a living example of a real yogi. Dearly inspired by him, I consider learning yoga in the presence of such a yoga teacher as a privilege.

I was so scattered and only after doing the first SSYoga course with you, did I find my peace within. It was after your teaching that I started becoming regular with my practises and recognized that I needed to prioritize myself , time with myself. Before you had come into my life, I never enjoyed spending time with myself. You taught me to celebrate each moment, to find my joy in myself and with the regular discipline of yoga instilled in me, my journey became that much more sweeter.

It has been a priviledge to be under your guidance for all these years. Every single course I have attended with you has peeled off another layer and brought me closer to myself. This is reflected whenever I conduct courses and in my personal life also. Your guidance and teachings have allowed me to navigate through life with greater ease, lightness and confidence, whilst at the same time nurturing depth and freedom. The knowledge is so easily accessible when you speak. I am honoured that you have been there for me on this yoga journey for over 18 years and pray that you will continue to be there to hold my hand

Your simple yet profound knowledge about what is true Yoga, has certainly changed my perspective towards Yoga. Before I met you, I thought Yoga is pursuing deeper and more challenging postures. But during your classes, simple and basic postures already good enough for me to achieve a relax state of mind and body. That’s when I suddenly awaken from my previous understanding of, yoga has to be hard and challenging! The above is just physical level. What about the mind? Chitta Vritti Nirodha.. You utter this sutra many times during our retreat in Langkawi. THAT’S IS YOGA, says you. And today, I have this sutra inked on my arm, and certainly deep inside my heart. My yoga journey will never end. The matter of fact, the true journey began after I met you. Before that, Yoga was merely an external and physical practice for me. I can’t say enough to thank you, and Bhartiji for showing us, pure love does exist. Moments with you in many places has gave me strength and faith that this is the right path.

It’s a life transformation since year 2010 when I attended TTP with Krishanji , and the magic is still continuing every time when I be in his courses. His words, his love, his compassion and his authenticity is something makes him a yogi in his own way. He never share something which are not coming from his real experience. His teaching and Yogic wisdom is so universal.

If I have to describe Krishan ji and his teachings in one word, it will be “PURITY” which is also the name of his blog, “Shudham”. Today yoga has taken many shapes and forms. So much glamour is added to the simple practices of yoga. But Krishan ji remains untouched by all the jargon and fancy. He cuts through all the clutter and sounds the bell of truth and sanctity. He speaks little, unlike many others who keep continuously talking. But yet his words communicate volumes of profound knowledge and wisdom. It his simplicity, authenticity, goodness, integrity, diligence, dedication, love that touches my heart and my being. When he practices and demonstrates asana, he becomes one with it. It feels as if he is doing prayers with his asana practice. Once you a do course with Krishan ji, your yoga practice and life will not remain the same. Do courses with him at your own risk! ?

There is a farmer with big. and bright eyes like sunshine. He is quiet and peaceful like moon. One day, the farmer sowed the seed in the yoga farm in 2005. The tiny seed has been watered and nurtured with grace of love. One day, the seed sprouted. The farmer started nourishing it with yoga wisdom at its each breath in and breath out. As the days went by, the seed became a tiny tree, and it grew bigger and bigger, taller and taller. The tree went through all the situations, whether it was hot or cold, whether it was sunny or rainy,. whether it was cloudy or stormy, The farmer stood by the tree all the way, by telling Patanjali ‘s knowledge such a profound, deep and practical wisdom; by playing flute to soothe its agitated mind; by his presence –being ONE with him. The ancient love is showering upon the tree.

It’s a privilege and it’s rare in one’s life to meet a real Yoga Master, one who embodies, vibrates, breaths Yoga… Yogacharya Krishan Verma is a Yoga Master of such a kind. One who leads you to yoga… through his mere presence… through the simplicity and depth of his teachings… it doesn’t matter if it is a challenging asana class, or a still silent meditation… a playful laughter session, a wonder-full walk in the nature or a showering of knowledge awakening you to your Self. Yoga naturally happens around him since he truly lives it. The magic of that Union of you to your Self… to everybody… to the sacredness of the whole Universe…

Krishanji is not a yoga teacher in the traditional sense of the word. He is a reflection of the Divine consciousness and a mirror of the mystical, subtle levels of existence. When he teaches, I feel a calming, serene, playful, and wise presence in the room. Krishanji is able to transmit an experience that comes from an authentic yoga practice – where I feel connected to myself, the universe around me, and rejoice in just Being. Through Krishanji I learned my most valuable insight as a yoga teacher – that the teaching is not coming from me. When I am connected to the source of all wisdom and knowledge, it simply flows out in a way that benefits those receiving the teaching.