Fresh & New Yoga Series-1

For Proper and Strong Yoga Foundation



  • Fresh and New Yoga Series-1




Fresh & New Yoga Series-1


Yoga is simple, but it can be complex and confusing if not understood correctly. The journey of yoga is like the journey of a flowering plant. Both should blossom. When a yoga journey doesn’t bloom, it becomes an endless journey. There could be many reasons for it, including incorrect understanding.

In this Fresh & New Yoga Series-1, I intend to elaborate on all aspects of yoga (practices and knowledge) thoroughly, slowly, and gradually. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner wanting to refine your yoga journey, you will gain a proper and thorough understanding of yoga, making a solid foundation for growing and blossoming.

This Series consists of eight 2-hour recorded classes, which you can do at your convenience.

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