Fresh & New Yoga Series-1

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Fresh & New Yoga Series-1

When I started the yoga series last year, it was aimed primarily at experienced yoga students. But some of the questions which I received during series-2 inspired me to restart the yoga series freshly and cover all aspects of yoga in detail, beginning from the basics of yoga.

Yoga is simple, but if not understood correctly, it can be complex and confusing. The journey of yoga is like the journey of a flowering plant. Both should blossom. When a yoga journey doesn’t blossom, it becomes an endless journey. There could be many reasons for it, one of them being incorrect understanding.

In this Fresh & New Yoga Series-1, I intend to elaborate on all aspects of yoga (practices and knowledge) thoroughly, slowly, and gradually. Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced practitioner wanting to refine your yoga journey, you will gain a proper and thorough understanding of yoga, which would make a strong foundation for you to grow and blossom.

This Series consists of eight 2-hour recorded classes which you can do at your convenience.

Fee: $ 150.00