I Wish You A Merry Christmas

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I Wish You A Merry Christmas


All bathe in God’s love, but one who acknowledges it shines among all. 


 In Master’s presence you can experience God’s love and protection.  Being with Master is being with God.

That whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

That ‘Him’ is not one, He is all. There is not a single particle that is not Him. There is not a single you that is not Him. Celebrating all is the true spirit of Christmas. <3


Love each one

In such a way

That they all say

They are the most loved

That’s how God loves

He is the greatest Beloved <3


<3 <3

Devotion And Devotee Are Supreme

These are some of my yogi friends in India. We had so much fun together. Having fun makes the journey shorter and enjoyable. We need to be sincere on the path, and not serious. A serious mind is more active. It judges more and holds more concepts.

 Some sharing :

“Just after the retreat we were cleaning up the hall. KrishanJi also came to the hall. One moment KrishanJi asked me very gently how I feel after the retreat. And I could not tell anything else but the truth that I feel like after a lot of operations on a different levels of my own human existence, starting from the base of the spine all the way up to the neck and top of the head, and figuratively speaking now I was learning how to walk again. But all this happened so tenderly, so gently like in a game, but got so deep and so profound.

Yoga with KrishanJi is like an absolutely pure, beautiful nature. It is like a flower in a field reaching for the Sun and opening up in the Sunrise and closing and bowing it’s head down in the Sunset – this is how I experience yoga with wondrous  KrishanJi. Step by step it took me back to my Self in a very delicate and gentle way.  Thank you so much dear KrishanJi! ”     – Inese, Course in Latvia <3

“He made us climb the mountain, Right to the Top!
Not only did we climb it, but he established that mountain deep inside us too!
A mountain of faith,
A mountain of peace,
A mountain of joy,
A mountain of LOVE!

We reached the pinnacle of devotion,
And just stayed there, singing and dancing in ecstasy!

His presence magical & infinite,
His words carrying a universe within a universe,
His smile like the blossom of a thousand petals,
His eyes sparkling divinity!

To him, who has opened another dimension to existence,
I offer my humble pranams,
To him who has taken us from the real to the “real”
I offer my humble pranams…

Thankyou Krishanji!
You have set a heart on fire again,
It is burning in sweet devotion!

May your MAGIC touch all Beings! ”    — Bhamini , Course in India <3

Bharti is a perfect human being. She plays every role in life with sincerity, dedication, wisdom, care, and child-like innocence.  I feel blessed and privileged to be married to her. She is loved , respected, and admired immensely by her family, friends, students, patients, and above all by Guru Ji. Soon after our marriage, she and my mother became very close to each other which meant a lot to me. My mother used to call her a bundle of high qualities and virtues.

She is a devotee with unshakable faith. Having a devotee of such pure and firm devotion in the family is a very auspicious blessing, that provides protection and assurance that everything is, and would be, okay. 

Bharti and I have travelled the same spiritual path, and though we have had our share of challenges and shaky times, our journey together has been very nurturing and fulfilling. <3

Supreme Love

“That  alone is to be accomplished. Having obtained the supreme love , the devotee sees, hears, and thinks God alone, and speaks of Him alone.”  Narada Bhakti Sutras  

 Obtaining the state of a true devotion is the highest achievement on the spiritual path. In true devotion, the Divine becomes your priority.  You feel the Divine presence within and without. It becomes your breath.  You feel It when you are awake, and dream about It when asleep. It becomes Primary, and all else becomes secondary. 

But this state of devotion can also bring pain in different ways. Since the world becomes secondary for you, it may cause emotional pain to your close ones who may not like being secondary. You feel their pain. Even I, who understands the value of devotion, at times feel secondary, but seeing it only as my ego stuff, I move on.  Another  pain that you may feel is if you are not supported and understood by your loved ones. However, the greater pain arises from the longing for the Divine. Though you always feel very close and one with the Divine, but it is never close enough. A small separation remains which can not be filled.

It is this state of closeness and small separation, which gives rise to Meera, Kabira, Guru Nanak, Tulsidas, Jesus, and alike.


Jesus was a true devotee. When Jesus said ‘My God, my God, why have You forsaken me’,  it wasn’t  because of the pain from the nails being pierced through His body. Instead, it was because of a  much greater pain which arose from the intense longing for God. Meera asks the same,”Why have You forgotten me and left me alone?” <3

Honour A Devotee

Over the years, in my journey, I have met so many true devotees with supreme devotion. Some of them are fortunate that their devotion is accepted and encouraged by their loved ones.  But there are also many who are judged, questioned, ridiculed, and pressured into doing things that they are no longer interested in. But they bear it all and continue. They learn to hide their devotion, and try to please others but, like Meera, they live like empty shells. Meera says, “My prana lives there (with my beloved), here it is only an empty shell.”

A devotee must be honoured, and not ridiculed and punished. Obtaining supreme love is an accomplishment that must be celebrated. There is no difference between God and a devotee. That’s why Jesus could say ‘Me and my Father are one.”  A devotee is soaked in God’s love. That’s why Kabira could say ,”The whole world runs after God but God runs after me.”

Being with a devotee is being with God.  Honouring a devotee is honouring God. A devotee, for sure, is liberated, and also brings fulfillment to many others.

“The past generations rejoice in their fulfillment, the divine beings in heaven dance in joy and this earth itself becomes endowed with a Savior.” Narada Bhakti Sutras <3

Protect your devotion and continue……



Guru kindles the devotion in you, but you need to protect it. A lot happens on the path, especially around Guru, both in words and actions, which can create judgements, doubts, concepts and expectations in your mind. These are the clouds that  block you from experiencing your own devotion and you may feel that you have lost it, which can be a big discouragement on the path.  A true seeker recognizes and observes these rising waves in the mind, but remains above them and continues. Judgements, expectations, and demands spoil  love. It is almost impossible to avoid them, but you can learn to rise above them.

Guru’s love transcends judgements and expectations. That’s why He can always love you. His love is supreme. <3

Guru’s love was the reason….

It was a small incident at the Bangalore ashram that caused the major inward shift in me, and changed me forever, which I will share in another post. <3

Where He is not!

He is not just in the light

In darkness too.

Not just in the faith

He is in doubts too

How can you say

You don’t feel Him

Say it again, and listen

He is in your voice too. <3 <3

Pratyahara + Shanmukhi Mudra

Pratyahara;  (Taking the senses inward)

Pratyahara is the the 5th limb of 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, which is explained in Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Lord Krishna also mentions Ashtanga Yoga in Bhagvad Gita but gives no explanation, and neither does Arjuna asks about it, suggesting that Ashtanga Yoga was well known and practiced then, over 5000 years ago.

Pratyahara is an essential practice on the path of yoga. The outer world is very diverse and attractive, and so the mind keeps going to the outer again and again. But a yogi reminds himself of the transitory and temporary nature of the world, and takes the mind inward again and again. The more the mind stays inward, the less the yogi gets affected by the outer. 

“It is in the nature of the things to arise, change, and finish. Knowing this, the wise without getting disturbed, remains still and finds peace within himself easily.” Ashtavakra Gita 11-1. <3

Shanmukhi Mudra


Shanmukhi (6 faces)  Mudra is named after Lord Murgan, the One with 6 faces, symbolically meaning, endowed with all 6 spiritual wealths. 


Shanmukhi Mudra means closing of the 6 gates (2 ears, 2 eyes, nose, and mouth). It is a symbolic way of saying that for next few minutes you are not interested in the outer, and you want to take your awareness and senses inward.

How to practice

Sit up straight but relaxed.

Place the little fingers below lips, ring fingers above lips, middle fingers at the nostrils, index fingers on the eyes, and thumbs at the openings of the ears. 

With middle fingers softly resting on the nostrils (without closing them partially), breathe deeply and with each breath take the awareness more and more inward with this feeling that you are not interested in anything outer. 

After each inhalation you may hold the breath in , and gently close both nostrils with middle fingers. Hold it for few seconds but without any struggle, and then exhale smoothly. 

On exhalations you can also make a long high-pitch sound  like a bee, hoom……. 

In the beginning, practice this for 8-10 breaths, and gradually increase it to 5-8 minutes.


Improves focus

Helps in keeping mind inward

Soothes nerves in the face and forehead area.

Stimulates the energy centre between eye brows.

Enhances inner peace and calmness.


It takes 3 monkeys together to practice Shanmukhi Mudra:)

A nice reminder to not speak ill of anyone, and not letting your mind get disturbed by any negativity you may see or hear. <3


May Divine Mother Saraswati make you realize your Fullness! <3 <3

Practice Practice & Practice

Read my post ‘Neither Disturb nor Get Disturbed’ again.

Practice this wisdom of Bhagvad Gita again and again. It is the foundation for bringing stillness in the mind. Without it, ‘Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha” remains only a concept.

Your mind is your living room

You live in your mind 24 hours a day. You can make your mind a place of struggle, conflicts, and confusion, or you can make it a peaceful and beautiful garden where you are very careful and selective in what grows in there. It requires effort and skill to grow beautiful flowers, where as the weeds grow in abundance effortlessly. If not pulled out, they overtake the whole garden.

You decide what you want to keep and grow more in your mind. Take the weeds out, they are choking the beautiful flowers that are there. 

You have the tendency to pay more attention to conflicts, confusions, and something that is bothering your mind. Now you have to reverse this. Don’t pay much attention to all that disturbs you, just like you don’t eat foods that bother you. Pay more attention to your strengths and  qualities. There are so many. Do the same with others. See your own strengths and show others theirs. 

During these days of Navratri resolve to take the weeds out. Speak in moderation, and only kind words. Act with good intentions. Eat in moderation, and foods that are saatvik (vegetarian and fresh foods). 

Above all, see the Divine in everything and everyone including yourself. <3


Know that Mother Durga is always with you. <3 <3

Neither disturb nor get disturbed


An angry mind 

Is filled with smoke 

It spreads smoke

Like a smoldering fire


A mind embedded in past

Is filled with foul smell

It spreads foul smell

Like rotten food


A mind filled with joy

Spreads fragrance

Like a flower.

Live like a yogi!

A yogi is very aware of what he thinks, speaks, and acts,  so that any of these don’t cause disturbance in  others’ minds. He looks at his intentions before he speaks or acts. If the intention is to hurt someone or put someone down, he doesn’t speak or act. If the intention is good, and if he must speak or act that may disturb others, he thinks of a skillful way to say what needs to be said, and do what needs to be done.

A yogi also doesn’t get disturbed by what others say, do, or think. He is fully aware that people will say or do things that he may not like or agree with. He is awake in the acceptance of this truth that this will happen again and again. So when it happens, he doesn’t get disturbed.

A yogi is aware that what he thinks affects others, and others’ thoughts affect him. So he is very mindful of what he thinks, and doesn’t get affected by unnecessary thoughts that may be just passing through his mind, but may not be his own thoughts.

So, by not disturbing others, and by not getting disturbed by others, he remains peaceful within himself.

You can also live like a yogi. It is just a matter of continuous abhyasa. <3

One who never disturbs anyone and one one who never gets disturbed by anyone, and one who is free from mundane excitement, anger, fear, and anxiety is very dear to Me.” Bhagvad Geeta 12-15

Just by living this wisdom of not disturbing and not getting disturbed, the other qualities mentioned in the above shaloka will automatically dawn in you. 


May Mother Durga bless you to live like a yogi, if yoga is your path! <3 <3

I will see some of you in India soon…


The Land of Yoga

India, respectfully also called Mother India, is the birth place of yoga. This is where the songs of Yoga Sutras, Bhakti Sutras, Bhagvad Gita, Yoga Vasishta, and alike were sung. This is where the spirituality is embedded in each particle of soil, water, air, and space. This is where the fire of  devotion, and longing for God are always alive. This is where the seekers, Sages, and great Masters wish to be born and re-born. 

Yoga Retreat at Bangalore Ashram

 I will be conducting the Therapeutic Yoga Retreat at the Bangalore ashram Oct 14-20. For this retreat, I can’t think of a better place  than Bangalore ashram, and better time than right after the Navratri, when the whole atmosphere is charged with spiritual energy  arising from Gurudev’s presence,  Pujas, Chanting, Meditations, and many other virtuous activities that take place during  Navratri.

I am looking forward to seeing some of you and, perhaps, I will share with you some of my sacred moments with Gurudev, which I haven’t shared before with anyone yet. 

Significance of Navratri on the Path of Yoga

Hindus and other spiritual seekers around the world celebrate Navratri ( nine nights and ten days beginning today) to acknowledge and honour different aspects of Mother Divine.

It was the Divine Mother Parvati, consort of Lord Shiva, who humbly requested Lord Shiva to enlighten her  with the knowledge of Yoga. Since then the knowledge of yoga has been carried and passed on to seekers by the enlightened Masters. The true knowledge of yoga can only be learnt from an enlightened Master. That’s why it is said in Yogasara Upanishad that ‘Learn yoga from a Guru’.

Divine Mother Parvati  requested Lord Shiva with humbleness because the knowledge of yoga can flow only toward the humble ones. Without humbleness you simply hear the words, not the knowledge.

Mother Divine is a symbol of determination and inner strength, the two qualities very much needed to walk on the path of yoga.

Mother Divine, though she acts furiously to fight against evil, she is always filled with compassion toward everyone. Being compassionate toward all is a quality that a seeker must cultivate in him, without which the mind simply can not rest.

Cultivating Yogic Qualities

During Navratri,  each day I will  be talking about one different yogic quality and how we can cultivate it within us. The spiritual energy during Navratri is very conducive to spiritual growth.


With Mother’s protection there is nothing to worry about!



Mother’s love is the fulfilment. 


Happy Navratri <3 <3

My Messy Home Office


A messy desk with lots of paperwork

So much clutter

And more…

On the desk

On the chair

On the floor

No room to

Sit or stand

As there is

No bare land

Inside it is confusing

And grey

Ignoring & Keeping the door shut

Has become my way

Until one day

urgent important

An important paper

I must find

Or else I will be

Heavily fined.

It’s urgent

I know it is there

Hidden in the piles

But where?


I must find

I have no choice

I mumble with

Desperate  voice

I must do

One by one

I begin to clean

So much patience in me

Never have I seen

nice work

There it is 🙂

Hiding under a book

I just needed to clean

And look


In My mind, like my office

(a million times worse)

So much is stored

Hidden underneath

Lies my Lord!


My mind

I must clean

 And seek Whom

 I have never seen

loaded camel

Instead I pile

more and more

Blinding myself

And going further away

 From my inner core

parying hands

 I pray daily. Please give me more..

 So many desires

So much I need

There is no end

To my greed.

He is not urgent

He is not important.

For Him

I am never desperate

I never cry

Still  I ask

Why don’t I find Him

Why? Why?

Buried under a pile

I know He is there.

Other than asking for more

Do I really care!


My tears are for the world

His tears are for me

(filling Ocean)

(making rains)

Still His love

I don’t  see!

‘A true seeker can find Me in an instant’.   Kabira

‘You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.’ Jeremiah 29:13