Do You Really Leave Empty Handed!

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Do You Really Leave Empty Handed!

You are in Him
How can you do wrong or right?
Surrounding you forever
He is always in your sight

Do You Really Leave Empty- Handed!

The saying that ‘you leave the world empty-handed’ is only partially true. In fact, you carry a lot of baggage with you. Your mind carries it all, and there is no restriction to how much you can carry.

The baggage you carry consists of your karma, desires, obsessions, bondages, and strong concepts and judgements etc., most of it being unnecessary.
Do you know that you can also carry your honestly-earned money with you? You just need to donate it for a good cause, and it will get deposited to your secured account right away with a very high interest rate, and will be given to you in your next life. So, in fact, you can carry as much money as you want with you.

The baggage that your mind carries determines your next life.

The one who is a non-doer, detached, and carries no ill feelings toward anyone, he travels very light, both, while living and after death. Such a person does good deeds but without wanting anything in return. He leaves the world with very little or no baggage and enters into a new and higher dimension of life. But the one without wisdom, burdened with desires and likes and dislikes, life after life, keeps living the same old life. Only the faces change.

Likewise, if you enter into the New Year carrying previous baggage, then the newness doesn’t last very long. Soon, the past baggage and patterns take over. Through the practice of knowledge, if you are able to leave some of your baggage behind, then with a free mind you can truly experience the newness and freshness of life. Then only the New Year is truly a New Year for you.
But, you don’t have to wait for a New Year to do this. Any moment you do this, becomes a New Year for you.

This year make a resolution to lose some unnecessary mental weight. It can be done and must be done. Nothing else can make you more happy and content.
For the seekers, this is the greatest spiritual practice of all.

Happy New Year

May you become healthier and happier!
May you become more peaceful!
May good and auspicious things happen in your life!
May you experience fulfillment in this life!

Seeing God! The Easier Way!

Susie and Miracle

Susie and Miracle!

In response to my last post, Is Eating Eggs an act of Himsa, Susie shared the above beautiful picture. and wrote:

I am glad you acknowledged that hens lay eggs because of nature, and if they are unfertilized they do not contain a life.  I agree factory farming is cruel and inhumane and should be abolished.  I just wish you would have added the option of eating eggs from free range organic hens from a local farm or family backyard.  My hens life a peaceful, loved life, eating organic grains, free roaming, safe from predators; and honor us with delicious eggs.
Bless you

Susie, I agree. I see nothing wrong with eating and enjoying unfertilized eggs from a local farm or family backyard where hens lived a loved life as long as they are not subjected to cruelty or killing after they stop giving eggs.
Your hen looks so healthy, beautiful, and loved. I am sure she blesses you daily.
The blessings from animals are more powerful than from humans.

Seeing God! The Easier Way!

Such beautiful flowers
Wow! said a man
How beautiful must be the source
Finding it was his plan.

He was a seeker
He searched for hours

Searched in leaves and branches
Smashed all the flowers.

He dug deeper 
dug out the roots
Finding only dirt and rocks 

 Angrily, he stamped his boots

 Knowing that
he would never know
He felt very sad
depressed and low

The Easier Way

God is all
Within and without
The only thing  I can say
without any doubt

Within is the Formless
Silent and Unseen
 Not really sure though
what I mean

Outside is my favourite
Easy to see and touch
Just have to look closely
It doesn’t require much

Look at a baby’s smile
Look again closely
It’s Her
The Divine Mother Holy!

Over and over
come to you the helping hands
Look again closely
 Beside you, always He stands

He is your beloved
He is your friend
He is your child
A love, without an end

See Him in your parents
Don’t leave them standing cold
More apparent He becomes
When they grow old

Never question
Where? Where?
Just look closely
It’s Him only, everywhere

There is a reason
the Sun remains far away 
Honour His presence
It’s only Him, each ray!

“Searching for God is denying God”


Is Eating Eggs an Act of Himsa?

 Himsa means violence, and ahimsa means non-violence.

Ahimsa is the 1st principle of yoga. It teaches us to not commit unnecessary violence. Hurting or killing animals for our own gratification is an act of unnecessary violence. Some animals kill other animals for survival, but the humans don’t need to. The nature has provided us with abundance of fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts etc. for our nutritional needs. Some may argue that killing plants is also an act of violence. It is true, but it is necessary. Our bodies need food for survival and the plant kingdom provides it. The yoga teaches us to honour the plant kingdom and take from it only what is necessary, and not to hurt or destroy it unnecessarily. 

The hens give eggs, even without mating. The eggs which you purchase in grocery stores are not fertilized, unless indicated otherwise. Since those eggs don’t have the potential life in them, eating them is not a direct act of violence.

The eggs which a hen gives after mating with a rooster may be fertilized, and because of the potential life in them it is better not to eat them.

However, by eating even the unfertilized eggs you are encouraging and supporting an act of violence. Chickens, which include hens and roosters, live a very painful life and are subjected to a lot of cruelty. Below is a video that shows chicken cruelty in the meat industry. Chickens in the egg industry also face the similar cruelty. Whether it is  unethical o to eat eggs produced in the egg industry could perhaps be argued, but after watching this video if we can still eat meat, I wonder if we can call ourselves loving and compassionate.

Warning: This video contains violence and cruelty, and may not be suitable for everyone.

Chicken cruelty in meat industry



After I posted the above, Susie wrote:

I am glad you acknowledged that hens lay eggs because of nature, and if they are unfertilized they do not contain a life.  I agree factory farming is cruel and inhumane and should be abolished.  I just wish you would have added the option of eating eggs from free range organic hens from a local farm or family backyard.  My hens life a peaceful, loved life, eating organic grains, free roaming, safe from predators; and honor us with delicious eggs.

Bless you

I agree. I see nothing wrong with eating unfertilized eggs from a local farm or family backyard where hens lived a loved life as long as they are not subjected to cruelty or killing after they stop giving eggs. 





Are You in Conflict?

” I have been on the spiritual path full time for many years, but I still crave for a more comfortable life. I also would like to get married and have a family. But a part of  me feels guilty for having such worldly desires. I am in conflict. Could you please advise.”

You may feel some comfort in knowing that you are not alone. This is the story of millions.
Anything I write on this blog is never meant to be an advice to anyone but myself. When I say ‘you’, it includes ‘I’. Whatever I write, I don’t see it in terms of right or wrong. It is just my own experience or belief which I am happy to share with you.


 “A man wanting both, world and God, remains in conflict,
and finds neither”  Saint Kabir

The yogic wisdom says that the life is a dream, and the purpose of the human birth is to wake up from the dream. Living a spiritual life is the way.  However, the spiritual life has been greatly misunderstood.

Since life is a dream, it doesn’t really matter whether you are on a spiritual path, or living a fully worldly life, both mean the same. It doesn’t matter whether you meditate for many hours, or do business. Both are the same, you are just dreaming. Whether you  achieve a lot or you fail, worldly or spiritually, it doesn’t matter. You are just dreaming.  

Though you may have a desire to wake up, but you have become accustomed to dreaming. You prefer dreaming. Waking up scares you. Waking up means losing all that you have accumulated in your dream. Conversely, you have a desire to gain more. 

You want to continue dreaming because it is more comforting . In your dream there are faces and places which you recognize. You call them your own. But when you wake up, there is no body there. You are all alone. In your dream, you are somebody. You feel good about yourself. You feel important. It is only in your dream that you can feel important and, so, you keep dreaming.
So much happens in your dream. People appear from nowhere, and then disappear into nowhere. One moment people laugh, the next moment they cry.  So much drama happens in your dream.  You like drama and, so, you keep dreaming. Even when it is an unpleasant dream, you hope and pray for a better dream.  

So stop pretending to be spiritual. Stop being in conflict. If you want to have the world, go for it whole heartedly. Instead of being spiritual, strive to become a better person. Being a better person is being spiritual.

But if you truly wish to be awake, and dream also, there is a way.

When the world is asleep, yogi is awake” – Bhagvad Gita

Yogi also lives in the world and dreams, but while dreaming he is also awake. Remaining awake while dreaming is a practice. It is a skill, which you can also learn.

This dream is called maha-maya, the greatest illusion. It is very powerful. You cannot overcome maha-maya by negating it. The more you negate it, the more powerful it becomes. Instead, embrace the maha-maya with respect. Celebrate the maha-maya with honour. The most amazing thing about this maha-maya is that even while dreaming, you can watch yourself dreaming, you can be a witness to it, and you can remember that you are dreaming. Even while dreaming, you have the ability to discriminate between good and bad, or right and wrong. This ability is called viveka.

Use your viveka to do the good and right things, but also remember that you are dreaming. Serve others with compassion and self-less intentions, but also remember that it is a dream. Meditate daily, but remember that whatever you experience is only a dream. Even the samadhi is a dream. Strive for success but whether you succeed or fail, remember that it is only a dream.

Your actions performed with viveka and selflessness, together with the continuous remembrance that it is all a dream, would cultivate two great and essential virtues in you, dispassion and non-doership . With time, you will get firmly established in these two virtues, which will give rise to the beauteous innocence in you. 

Just as, only the light can remove the darkness, similarly, only the innocent dispassion can remove the illusion of  maha-maya. 

The Maha-Maya is the Divine energy of the Divine Mother. There are many names given to the Divine Mother. Yogis call her Durga. It is only Durga’s energy  that puts you in a dream, because you desire to dream. And while you are dreaming, Durga watches over you. Durga also gives you the strength, courage, and wisdom to shape your own dream.
You must shape your own dream, but also remember that it is only a dream.

At dawn, when the innocent dispassion shines, it is Durga Herself who awakens you, and as you are waking up, She carries you in her arms, and keeps you closest to Her chest. This is the most precious and sweetest moment. Knowing this, a wise preserves this moment and doesn’t wish to wake up. 


Glory to Thee Durga
Glory to Thy play
All begins and ends
with Thy one sway.


Making Your Mind Pleasant!

Making Your Mind Pleasant (Chitta Prasadnam)

In order to keep your mind pleasant and undisturbed, the Sage Patanjali tells you what kind of attitude you should have with different kinds of people. He breaks it down into four categories:

  1. Be friendly with people who are mentally happy and content.  Associating with them in a friendly manner will help you in becoming happy and content as well.
  2. Have compassion toward people who are suffering. Help them, but stay afloat by not getting too involved emotionally.
  3. Be happy for those who are doing good deeds, or are more successful than you. This will inspire you to do good deeds as well, and keep the jealousy out of your mind.
  4. Be indifferent to people who may be causing problems or sufferings to others. Take action as necessary, and educate such people, but don’t carry judgements in your mind about them. The judgements can disturb your mind. 


Secret to Oneness

Duality is bondage,
suffering, and pain
Oneness is freedom
the highest gain

The secret to oneness
For others become happy
Become to the whole world
A great great  grandpappy

 By being happy for others
the ‘other’ dissolves
Remaining ln oneness
a seeker evolves


The Advanced Tree Pose

The Beginner’s Tree Pose 


The Advanced Tree Pose

Big tree

The Earth nourishes a tree
A tree is deep rooted in Earth

Your Self nourishes you
Are you deep rooted in Self?

 For nothing  in return
a tree gives flowers, fruits
wood and shade.
For nothing in return
do you reach out to needy
to their aid?

Alone or together
a tree stands silent.
Alone or together
are you silent?

Leaves, flowers, and fruits
a tree loses it all
Still, bare it stands
proud and tall
Do you?
when you lose or fall

If you answered ‘yes’
even to just one
You made Patanjali proud
You have a yogi manah (mind)

The traditional asanas are not just physical postures. Each asana also represents beautiful and practical spiritual wisdom. Living that wisdom is the true advanced practice of asanas. Without it, any practice on the yoga mat, however advanced it may be, remains basic. 


Kabir’s Prayer + More

How Can I Become Detached?

The detachment enables you to remain unaffected by the  changing, and temporary nature of the world.  However, trying to become detached can be a struggle, which may give rise to frustration, delusion, sadness, wrong knowledge, and anger in you. So, instead of trying to become detached try to remain unaffected. How much you get affected it is in your control. With abhyasa you can become better at it. A constant reminder and acceptance of this reality that ‘all is changing and is temporary’ would help you in becoming less and less affected by your attachments, and surely you will  find yourself getting established in true vairagya (dispassion).

  Receiving  Knowledge Properly

A flower is beautiful and fragrant, but you  may only be able to see its beauty, and not smell its fragrance if your nose is plugged.
The knowledge also has beautiful words, and its true essence. If your mind is plugged, you will hear only the beautiful words, and not catch the essence. The essence of  knowledge cannot flow through a plugged mind. Your ego, rigid concepts, judgements, and doubts etc plug your mind.  Humbleness, thirst for the knowledge, and respect for the knowledge and the giver of the knowledge  are essential for unplugging the mind. 

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. – Proverbs 11:2.


Kabir’s Prayer

There are various flavours of Spiritual Awakening. The flavour of Kabir’s awakening is very special and rare. One cannot become Kabir by any amount of penance and practices. Kabir can only be born Kabir. 
Kabir was a true mystic Fakir, a true Sufi, totally and always absorbed in God’s presence.  He says, ” I like being a fakir. No riches can give me the joy which I receive by singing His name.”

Kabir is mostly referred to as Saint Kabir or Bhagat (devottee) Kabir. But any title you give Him, it looks very small on Him. It limits Him. Kabir was limitless and much bigger than any title.

His upbringing was influenced by both Hindu and Muslim families, but His teachings pointed toward one God.  He had followers from both religions. both tried to claim Him as their own, and in that process many of His stories and His real image have been altered, but He said He either belonged to all or none. 
There is a story that when He died, His Hindu and Muslim followers wanted to perform the last rituals according to their own beliefs, and were quarrelling over it. That night Kabir appeared in everyone’s dream and said to them,” All my life I tried to tell  you that I am neither a Hindu nor a Muslim , but the moment I am gone, you have begun to quarrel over it. You can divide my body into two halves, you each take one half and do whatever with it as you please.” Next morning when the followers discovered that they all had the same dream, they felt very ashamed, and to ask for forgiveness they went to the place where Kabir’s body was lying. But to their surprise and shock, Kabir’s body was not there anymore. It had mystically disappeared. Instead, there were two separate piles of flowers laying on the floor. Hindus took one pile, and Muslims took the other, and did the last rituals according to their own beliefs. Sadly, they still didn’t understand Kabir. They couldn’t combine the two piles into one.

Kabir shared His wisdom and experiences only through poetry,  His poetry came from a deep layer of Consciousness, and not from the intellect. He neither read Scriptures nor spoke about them, but all His songs contain the essence of all Scriptures. He warned people that misunderstanding of  Scriptures could misguide them. Even in Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna says that people can become overly influenced by the flowery language of Scriptures.

Kabir says, “Why to read  Scriptures  when all can happen just by singing His name.”

Kabir was very simple,. He lived a very simple life. He worked as a weaver, and had a family. His needs were very few, and His desires were none. His prayer was simple. In one of his couplets He prays,” O God, kindly give me this much that my family does not remain hungry, and anyone who visits me doesn’t go hungry from my door.”
Kabir didn’t need to pray. One who is in total oneness with God cannot pray. Kabir’s one-
time prayer was only a message for all: ‘Do your effort, and pray only for your need, not greed’.

His path to God was also simple. He says, “Singing and dancing I go to my God.”
His path was not a journey from point a to point b. Instead, it was a path of total oneness each moment. He says,” If my Beloved were far away, I would write to Him.  But He is in my body, mind, and eyes, what’s the need to send any message!”
In another song He says ” What is the need for me to go for a pilgrimage when God and all pilgrimages reside in my heart!”

.Kabir spoke against getting stuck in rigid religious rituals, for which He was threatened by both Hindus and Muslims, but He was fearless, and remained unaffected. He shared His wisdom, but remain unconcerned if people didn’t follow it. He says, “I am neither a friend nor an enemy to anyone. I wish everyone well.”

Kabir lived in the world without actually living in it. He saw without actually seeing. He heard without actually hearing. The Kabir that I know never died. Once born, Kabir never dies. He is here. He has been my inspiration and guide all my life. Filled with gratitude and oneness, my heart keeps bowing to Him.