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How Can I Become Detached?

The detachment enables you to remain unaffected by the  changing, and temporary nature of the world.  However, trying to become detached can be a struggle, which may give rise to frustration, delusion, sadness, wrong knowledge, and anger in you. So, instead of trying to become detached try to remain unaffected. How much you get affected it is in your control. With abhyasa you can become better at it. A constant reminder and acceptance of this reality that ‘all is changing and is temporary’ would help you in becoming less and less affected by your attachments, and surely you will  find yourself getting established in true vairagya (dispassion).

  Receiving  Knowledge Properly

A flower is beautiful and fragrant, but you  may only be able to see its beauty, and not smell its fragrance if your nose is plugged.
The knowledge also has beautiful words, and its true essence. If your mind is plugged, you will hear only the beautiful words, and not catch the essence. The essence of  knowledge cannot flow through a plugged mind. Your ego, rigid concepts, judgements, and doubts etc plug your mind.  Humbleness, thirst for the knowledge, and respect for the knowledge and the giver of the knowledge  are essential for unplugging the mind. 

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. – Proverbs 11:2.


Kabir’s Prayer

Saint Kabir


There are various flavours of Spiritual Awakening. The flavour of Kabir’s awakening is very special and rare. One cannot become Kabir by any amount of penance and practices. Kabir can only be born Kabir. 
Kabir was a true mystic Fakir, a true Sufi, totally and always absorbed in God’s presence.  He says, ” I like being a fakir. No riches can give me the joy which I receive by singing His name.”

Kabir is mostly referred to as Saint Kabir or Bhagat (devottee) Kabir. But any title you give Him, it looks very small on Him. It limits Him. Kabir was limitless and much bigger than any title.

His upbringing was influenced by both Hindu and Muslim families, but His teachings pointed toward one God.  He had followers from both religions. both tried to claim Him as their own, and in that process many of His stories and His real image have been altered, but He said He either belonged to all or none. 
There is a story that when He died, His Hindu and Muslim followers wanted to perform the last rituals according to their own beliefs, and were quarrelling over it. That night Kabir appeared in everyone’s dream and said to them,” All my life I tried to tell  you that I am neither a Hindu nor a Muslim , but the moment I am gone, you have begun to quarrel over it. You can divide my body into two halves, you each take one half and do whatever with it as you please.” Next morning when the followers discovered that they all had the same dream, they felt very ashamed, and to ask for forgiveness they went to the place where Kabir’s body was lying. But to their surprise and shock, Kabir’s body was not there anymore. It had mystically disappeared. Instead, there were two separate piles of flowers laying on the floor. Hindus took one pile, and Muslims took the other, and did the last rituals according to their own beliefs. Sadly, they still didn’t understand Kabir. They couldn’t combine the two piles into one.

Kabir shared His wisdom and experiences only through poetry,  His poetry came from a deep layer of Consciousness, and not from the intellect. He neither read Scriptures nor spoke about them, but all His songs contain the essence of all Scriptures. He warned people that misunderstanding of  Scriptures could misguide them. Even in Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna says that people can become overly influenced by the flowery language of Scriptures.

Kabir says, “Why to read  Scriptures  when all can happen just by singing His name.”

Kabir was very simple,. He lived a very simple life. He worked as a weaver, and had a family. His needs were very few, and His desires were none. His prayer was simple. In one of his couplets He prays,” O God, kindly give me this much that my family does not remain hungry, and anyone who visits me doesn’t go hungry from my door.”
Kabir didn’t need to pray. One who is in total oneness with God cannot pray. Kabir’s one-
time prayer was only a message for all: ‘Do your effort, and pray only for your need, not greed’.

His path to God was also simple. He says, “Singing and dancing I go to my God.”
His path was not a journey from point a to point b. Instead, it was a path of total oneness each moment. He says,” If my Beloved were far away, I would write to Him.  But He is in my body, mind, and eyes, what’s the need to send any message!”
In another song He says ” What is the need for me to go for a pilgrimage when God and all pilgrimages reside in my heart!”

.Kabir spoke against getting stuck in rigid religious rituals, for which He was threatened by both Hindus and Muslims, but He was fearless, and remained unaffected. He shared His wisdom, but remain unconcerned if people didn’t follow it. He says, “I am neither a friend nor an enemy to anyone. I wish everyone well.”

Kabir lived in the world without actually living in it. He saw without actually seeing. He heard without actually hearing. The Kabir that I know never died. Once born, Kabir never dies. He is here. He has been my inspiration and guide all my life. Filled with gratitude and oneness, my heart keeps bowing to Him. 





This and That….


Some Sharing

Each spiritual journey is very unique, but most journeys also have many similarities. One of the reasons I write on this blog is to hopefully help my yoga students understand some of the similarities they may also experience. The responses I receive from my students inspire me to continue writing.
Below are  some of the responses to my last post:

I don’t know how to thank you for your heart-touching post Krishanji……it has helped me in understanding myself  better.

Thank you for so beautiful post. Every time I read your blog tears roll out.
Feeling so Blessed !!!  
Thank you for your beautiful post.You made tears come in my eyes. 
Your latest post is delicately beautiful. 

Thank you for being such a great source of light, love, inspiration, knowledge and grace in my life. Your blog and experiences move me so much. The last blog you wrote was so beautiful. I relate SO much to all that you write. I also have bouts of crying with love and gratitude randomly without any prompt. Its all so spontaneous and I love it. I keep it secret though Krishanji as not everyone would understand this feeling. Your experiences make me feel so happy, because it gives me validation that I am not ‘crazy’ or ‘loosing it’. That all that I experience is ok and to keep moving. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. So much love and gratitude.  

I read your post. I must say that I am relating every single word to my experiences. 
This is the most life changing post ever come across from you.    
This is sooooo beautiful Krishanji…. and just like me each devotee who reads this cannot resist the tears.  

I Receive Inspiration From Many 

Steve and me

Above is Steve (Stephen Noel) with me. He has been an active member of the AOL group in Halifax for the past 16 years. In spite of  his limited mobility, Steve is always there to help. He is a sincere seeker and attends almost every AOL course that takes place in Halifax. He has repeated many courses many times. In his own words,” Although I have extensive left sided paralysis I really feel no limitation…” , which is so true.

He shares his AOL experience, ” I’m blown away, I’ve been showered in abundance – total abundance. I’ve been very consistent with my sadhana with very rare exceptions. It has been a lot of joy. There has been sadness also but that doesn’t stay long. There has been deep peace and pure and gentle happiness that has stayed with me most of the time. Every year I have felt better than the year before and it continues unfolding this way. Each year I have a bit more energy, I sleep better, and I feel generally happier and more peaceful. If I were to sum it up I’d have to say “I just feel; In Love” and it’s so beautiful. If I felt any better I would burst.”
Steve has a great sense of humour and a very genuine smile which comes from his heart. He always sees positivity in each moment and in each person. I have never heard him complain, or speak anything bad about anyone. He truly practices ahimsa (non-violence) in his actions, speech, and thoughts. He feels very connected and grateful to Guru Ji.
Steve, you truly inspire me and, I am sure, many others too. Thank you. 

Are Goddess Parvati and Goddess Durga the same?

Yes, they are two different names and forms of the same Goddess. Parvati which literally means ‘ born from a mountain’, is very strong-willed. With a desire to marry Lord Shiva, She did many years of severe penance, and finally married Him. They believed to have seven children, two famously known are Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya. Like a river carries the water from the source, the Goddess Parvati carries the knowledge from the source, the Shiva.
The Goddess Durga is the warrior form of Parvati. According to a legend, there was a very powerful demon named Mahishasura who could not be defeated by anyone. Knowing the strength and determination of Goddess Parvati,  the Lords Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva approached her to fight Mahishasura. She agreed, and even though she didn’t need any additional help, but still the three Lords gave Her all their individual energies and weapons. She fought and killed Mahishasura. Goddess Durga is shown as multi-armed and riding on a lion, which signify her immense power.
 Remembering and honouring any form of Divine Mother brings courage, peace, success, wealth, protection, and much more to a devotee.


What Makes A Scripture A Scripture!

When a poet or a story-writer write, it is mostly a product of their mind and intellect. That’s why it is edited and re-written several times. There are personal motives, intentions, and opinions behind whatever they write.

A scripture comes from a very deep layer of Consciousness where the mind and intellect don’t exist. A scripture depicts the Truth as it is. The author , who is highly evolved and free from any personal motives and judgements, is only a witness to the Truth. He writes or speaks only what he sees or hears. 

To understand a Scripture in its true sense, one must also transcend the mind and be free from personal motives and judgements. The Truth contains not only the so called ‘beauty’ but it also contains the so called ‘ugliness’, and the other opposites. That’s why it is subject to judgements, and raises many questions.  
To receive and understand the knowledge, one must have a  strong desire, humbleness, and respect for the scripture and the one who is giving the knowledge.  

Divine Ashes, & How Can Infinite Be Contained In Finite?

Divine Ashes

Fire -pretty

A dry wood catches fire easily. It burns wholly and unconditionally, no matter for what purpose it is burnt.  When a wood is burnt for religious purposes, both its fire and ashes are considered holy. The fire is honoured and worshiped, and the ashes are considered auspicious which people smear on their bodies to remind themselves of their true-Self. Similarly, being a non-doer is  being like a dry wood. A non-doer acts wholly and unconditionally at Divine will. Such a non-doer and his actions, like the fire, are considered holy, and whatever the outcome of the actions, it, like the ashes, would be considered auspicious.

Fire -smoke

A wet wood doesn’t catch fire easily. It gives out a lot of smoke. A seeker’s journey in the beginning may be like the burning of the wet wood. His questions, concepts, and doubts are like the smoke from the wet wood.

The proper practices of yoga help a seeker in becoming mature. A mature seeker catches the knowledge easily, and acts unconditionally at Divine will.


How Can Infinite Be Contained In Finite!

Dear K ji,  Could you please explain how Infinite God  can be present within me who is finite?

 Yes, infinity can be present in finite. There are only seven music notes, but you can compose infinite music from them. With only a few alphabets you can write infinite stories. An apple seed contains infinite number of apples in it.

However, the expression that God is within you is not completely correct. The correct expression would be that you are in God,  just as a wave is in the ocean. When you are seeing a wave, to a limited degree, you are seeing the ocean also. However, to say that the ocean is in a wave would not be correct completely.
When you try to see God within you, because you see yourself as finite, you make God also finite. But when you see yourself in God along with everyone and everything else, a feeling of infinity dawns in you. 

From the higher knowledge point of view, whether you see God in you, or yourself in God, both arise out of ignorance, because neither is true. A yogi sees neither. He remains one.