What’s Antarmukhi?, and Q/A On Ojas Pranayama

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What’s Antarmukhi?, and Q/A On Ojas Pranayama


I send my prayers and love to all those affected by the coronavirus. 
To my students around the world, I am thinking of you.
May you all be well and safe!


Q/A On Ojas Pranayama


 Answers to the questions on Ojas Pranayama from the last Webinar:

    • It’s only in the first step of this Pranayama that the exhalation is through the mouth. All other breathing is through the nose. However, it is okay to breathe through the mouth if necessary.

    • It is okay to use Ujjayi breath during this Pranayama as long as you can keep the breath and mind relaxed. Otherwise, focus on taking deep breaths.

    • In steps 1 & 3, the focus is on making the exhalations longer and steadier.
      In step 2, the focus is on contraction, expansion, and relaxation.

    • A  recommended time to practice Ojas Pranayama is just before the asana practice, or after the asana practice but before the savasana (corpse pose). However, this Pranayama can be practiced anytime on its own or with other Pranayamas as you see fit.

    • This Pranayama is a part of the Ojas Kriya

    • Here is the link for the instructions for Ojas Pranayama


Upcoming Webinars

The next two Webinars are on April 22nd and 23rd. There are spaces available on April 22nd.
Registration fee: $10:00 to support the Foodbank in Halifax.
Registration link. 


Being Antarmukhi

Krishanji, please explain what is meant by being Antarmukhi? How is it practiced?

Once, King Abhaya has asked Sage Anidra a similar question, to which Sage Andra had replied,

” Abhaya, the five organs of the five senses are located on the face (mukha).  Through the five organs, the five senses project outward. The outward projection of the five senses serves as a vehicle for the mind to travel outward to perceive and experience the outer, which is greatly influenced by the previous samskaras. The samskaras are the impressions of the actions and unfulfilled desires of past lives. The mind carries the samskaras with it from one life to the next. The five senses and the mind remain pulled outward because the outer is alluring, though it contains both pleasure and pain. The mind, wanting to achieve satisfaction, keeps running after pleasures despite the sufferings it endures. The pleasures give an appearance of inherent satisfaction that doesn’t exist. Therefore, the mind, in a quest for fulfillment, remains in the cycle of birth and death.

Abhaya, after many cycles of birth and death, a rare one recognizes the mirages in the outer. He, with the grace of his Guru combined with self-effort, manages to pull the five senses and mind back to the inner-being and keep them there. Such a rare one is called Antarmukhi. His mind and five senses get turned inward.

Abhaya, though many strive to attain the state of Antarmukhi, only two kinds of people attain it, which I will talk about another day.”

Saying so, Sage Anidra became silent. Abhaya wanted to know more, but he knew that Sage Anidra preferred to speak very little at a time. So, he too remained silent.
Shortly after, Anidra played a song on his flute, which meant:

O, virtuous man!
herein lies your struggle.

You want to know
that cannot be known.
You want to see
that cannot be shown.

Be aware!
Practices may bind you
Knowledge may charm you
Causing mirages within mirages

O, noble man!
there is a simpler way.

Remember the Lord!
Sing His name.
His boundless glories,
again and again acclaim.

Surely, you will know,
that needs to be known.
Lord Govind will show you,
that needs to be shown.



Dancing Empty Shell + Tips For Boosting Your Immune System


Dancing Empty Shell

The source of water in a river is water. The water in the river throughout its journey remains water, and always connected to the water ahead and behind. It expands into its vastness when it enters the Ocean.
Similarly, the source of Consciousness that you are is Consciousness. Throughout the journey of your life, you remain Consciousness. When the ignorance disappears, you expand into your vastness, the Consciousness. 
A river flows effortlessly downward toward the Ocean. Its flow and merger into the Ocean are dance-like. Similar is the journey of a devotee. It also flows downward. A devotee becomes so humble and empty that he becomes non-existent. Effortlessly and dancing, he merges with God and expands into His vastness. 
“Wearing bells in my anklets, I dance with my Beloved. My life is with Him. What remains of me is only an empty shell” -Mira Bai.
“Singing and dancing, I go to my Beloved'” – Kabir


Tips For Boosting Your Immune System 

  • Do cardio exercise followed by asanas, a minimum of 45 minutes daily, five days a week.
  • Get good sleep, 6-7 hours daily.
  • Eat healthy vegetarian balanced meals. 
  • Don’t go hungry for too long. Carry healthy snacks with you.
  • Cook at home.
  • Eat 4-6 prunes daily for a proper bowel movement
  • Drink 1.5-2 liters 0f water daily.
  •  Some of the immunity booster spices/roots/seeds/foods are given below with daily dosage which can be added to your food.
    • Garlic,  1-2 cloves
    • Ginger, 1/2 teaspoon grated
    • Red onion, 1/4 cup cut pieces
    • Red chili pepper, 1/4 teaspoon crushed or small pieces
    • Cloves, 3-4 pieces
    • Saffron, 12-15 strands (I add it in warm almond milk)
    • Turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon
    • Pumpkin seeds, 2 teaspoons

Please take all the recommended precautions diligently to stay safe from COVID-19. I send my prayers and love to all those affected.

I AM Spoiled! & The Blessed Loser

I Am Spoiled

I am spoiled
I don’t listen

They said to face East
to worship God.
I faced West
I had my Beloved
all to myself.

I am spoiled
I don’t listen

They said God was within
I looked outside
There He was, everywhere.

I am spoiled
I don’t listen

They said the purpose
was to find oneself.
I jumped in the Ocean
 Lost forever

I am spoiled
I don’t listen

The Blessed Loser

A devotee never gains
He loses it all
First, he loses his world
Then, he loses himself
to his Beloved

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

You say God is within you
But do you believe in yourself?
There is a voice in you
that speaks the Truth
Do you listen to it
or you rather hear from the Books?
Blessings and prayers
can bring you more
but not happiness
Being happy begins with
believing in yourself.
Believing in yourself
doesn’t mean always winning
It means playing your best
till the end of the inning.
So beautiful is the Sunrise
Even more beauteous is the Sunset
The Sun is always bright
even when it’s night.
When you believe in yourself
whether winning or losing
you see them like waves in the ocean
and just keep cruising.
When you pray
‘lead me from darkness to light’
you forget you are the light 
just as He
My dear, believe in yourself
whether in darkness or light

 you will always see.



Value What You Have

Value What You Have

Value what you have
you may not have it tomorrow
Valuing is the secret
to be free from sorrow
Value the help you receive
without expecting more
When tides are rough
gratitude takes you to shore
The less you value
the more you demand
It spoils the love
angry and weak you stand
Value without possessing
whether it, he, or she
What a miracle, my Lord!
it all belongs to Thee











Happy Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti!

What A Blessing!



Birth of a Great Soul like Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Founder of Sikhism, is a blessing for the whole world.
Just as there are different levels of musicians and rich people, similarly, there are different levels of Awakened Beings. Guru Nanak Dev’s awakening was among the greatest and richest. From my early childhood, I had developed a liking for Him, and felt very close to Him. He has been my inner Master and protector all my life.
Since His birth in 1469, He has guided, protected, and inspired millions. He is the embodiment of service, shradha, and simplicity. 
He lives in every heart.

Happy Guru Nanak Dev Jayanati!





Who Is Sage Anidra!


Anidra and Sadhavi Meet Govinda

Image result for images of krishna and arjuna

Arjuna was all prepared and was looking forward to the biggest and most difficult war of his lifetime. It was a war against non-righteousness but it was also a war against many of his relatives, teachers, and friends who were on the side of non-righteousness.
At the last minute, just when the war was about to begin, Arjuna became highly emotional, conflicted, and deluded. He didn’t want to fight anymore and was ready to surrender. It was then that Lord Krishna, for the benefit of Arjuna and the entire mankind, instructed the Divine science of Yoga to him. Listening to which, Arjuna regained his strength, and fought and won the war. Since then, that Divine Knowledge, Bhagavad Gita, has been guiding and inspiring millions around the world to live a life that is righteous. meaningful, and balanced.

However, that wasn’t the first time that Lord Krishna had spoken the Divine knowledge.  He had spoken the same knowledge previously to the Sun-God.

श्रीभगवानुवाच |
इमं विवस्वते योगं प्रोक्तवानहमव्ययम् |
विवस्वान्मनवे प्राह मनुरिक्ष्वाकवेऽब्रवीत् |
Bhagavad Gita 4-1

The Supreme Lord said to Arjuna, “I instructed this imperishable knowledge of yoga to the Sun-god Vivasvân, who told it to the father of mankind Vaivasvata Manu, who in turn instructed it to Ikshvâku.”


Lord Krishna was the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is also known as Lord Narayana and Govinda.
Very long ago, so long ago that it’s even difficult to comprehend, the Sun-god, desirous of hearing the wisdom of Yoga directly from Lord Narayana did severe penance and austerities. Lord Narayana, being pleased with the Sun-god agreed to speak on Yoga and instructed him to invite gods of other planets and a few other highly evolved holy-beings including a revered rishi, Shri Purnananda, along with his two young children, Anidra and his younger sister Sadhavi. 

The discourse was a dialogue between Lord Narayana and the Sun-god, which lasted for three days. Anidra and Sadhavi, who at such young ages had obtained complete mastery over their bodies and minds, sat there motionless, even during the nights. They were completely immersed in Lord Narayana.  Their faces reflected the innocence of the Truth, alertness of the present, and flawless beauty. 
After the discourse, Lord Narayana asked Anidra and Sadhavi to come and sit beside Him. He praised them saying that they both had understood Yoga in its entirety and that they were worthy of receiving blessings from all gods and other holy-beings present there. Hearing that, all present there cheered with joy and showered their precious blessings upon them. But just as any more water added to a cup, that is already full, spills over, all blessings showered upon them spilled over as they both were filled with Govinda. In their hearts, they humbly declined all blessings. Then Lord Narayana Himself, the knower of all, being even more pleased, hugged them and said to them,” Nothing can ever separate you from me.”
To be continued ……..



Once, King Abhaya asked Sage Anidra, ” O Holy Master! kindly enlighten me on the different paths of yoga and which path is the greatest of all for knowing Govinda?”
Sage Anidra answered,” Abhaya, why do you want to know the different paths of yoga? What would you do with that knowledge? You have already accumulated so much in your mind.  Any more knowledge, however beautiful and valuable it may be, will only add to the confusion and questions in your mind.
Just as overeating makes the body unwell, similarly, over-accumulating the knowledge diminishes the mind’s ability to comprehend. And just as when wet wood is burnt, it produces smoke instead of fire, similarly, uncomprehended knowledge gives rise to confusion instead of wisdom.
Abhaya, drop the desire to know more. This desire is the same as the desire of a greedy. man who always wants more.  Having more is not the way to know Govinda. Instead, losing is. First, lose all that you have accumulated in your mind. You can know Govinda only by losing, never by gaining.” 

Saying that Anidra became silent. All his life, the king had desired and fought to gain more, but today he wanted to know how to lose? He wanted to ask Anidra, but sensing that Anidra didn’t want to speak more, he remained silent.
Thinking of Govinda, Anidra played a song on his flute which meant:
O my mind! Knowing that
 His remembrance alone
gives rest to you.
why do you forget Him?
Without Govinda
all else is nothing 
 but just flying-dust
in a windy storm.