ED in Young Men, and Yoga



Erectile Dysfunction

Last year during one of my courses, a young man, 29,  who was suffering from ED asked me if there were any yogic practices that could help his condition.  

ED is considered a normal  condition in older people, but in young men it is not.
There are many factors such as stress, lack of interest in sex, smoking, drug and alcohol usage, and poor health etc. that can contribute to ED.
However, lately another major factor has been identified.

When this young man asked me for an advice, I remembered reading an article which stated that the ED in young men had been linked to the watching of porn frequently and that’s why, the number of young men who were asking their doctors  for a pill was on the rise. So I asked him if  he had been watching porn.  He said ‘yes’.  He looked embarrassed. 

Porn is not normal sex. Instead, it is the most disgusting, degrading, low, disgraceful, and vulgar display of unrealistic sex.  Sadly, it is so widespread and so readily available that over a billion people, including children as young as five, watch porn online at any given time. 

Watching porn dulls your brain and distorts your thinking. Your brain and mind get so conditioned to the unnatural acts of sex that the normal sex looses its charm, and it no longer stimulates you, and thus the ED.
But the consequences of watching porn are not limited to ED. It affects your physical and mental wellbeing. It can ruin relationships. It lowers your enthusiasm, self-esteem, and interest in life. The list can go on… 

I explained this to him, and recommended that he stopped watching porn. He said he would.

After six months he came again to a course I was teaching. He thanked me. He was happy. He looked more confident. 

The regular practice of yoga enhances and improves all functions of the body including sexual.
The Kegel exercises, which actually originate from tantric yogic practices, are very helpful both for men and women to enhance sexual function, stabilize pelvic floor, and improve overactive bladder. You can search for Kegel exercises online. <3


Loving bords

Shiva lingam
Shiva Lingam and Yoni, Sacred Stones


Sex and food are the two oldest instincts in all forms of life for renewal, survival, and pleasure. 

From yogic point of view, sex is sacred. The Sacred Stones of Shiva Lingam and Yoni, worshiped in Hindu Temples and households, represent the Cosmic male and female creative energy which is necessary for renewal of life. 

Yoga is not against sex. Yoga encourages sacredness, respect, and honour between partners. However, yoga does warn against over-indulgence in sex.  <3 <3


Being Free from Anger Continued…



Horse ride

Malaysia 2017
Just finished two courses in Penang, Malaysia  with over  250 participants in each course. If you want to experience sincerity and innocence at their best, then you must attend  a course with these participants.  Thank you all. I learnt a lot from you. Missing you already.  <3


Malaysia 2017 volunteeres
This was the team of volunteers led by Zok and her husband Akanda on the left. They know how to organize a perfect course, with perfection in every thing from A to Z., all done with a smile. Thank you all. You are very special. <3



Freedom From Anger

Anger can be a useful tool when used with awareness and a purpose. However, most of the anger is useless and harmful. Remembering and practicing the following may be helpful.

Others are not responsible for your anger

When you are angry, mostly it is because of the accumulated anger that is already present in you. The external factors are just being a catalyst for stirring that pre-existing anger in you. By blaming situations and others, you only solidify the anger in you.

Your own desires, ego, greed, attachments, and jealousy are the root-causes of your anger.

Accept the realities of life

Some of which are:

Situations will continue to come in life which you don’t want or don’t like. You have no control over them.

Certain people will behave in a manner or do things which you may not like or agree with, or which may even cause pain to you. This is inevitable. 

You want only to gain and succeed in life, but the reality is that you will experience loss and failure also. 

Everything in life changes. When the change is inevitable, then why should you get angry and upset when it happens?

Similarly, there are many other realities of life which you must realize and accept.

Do whatever you can do to make things better but, in most situations, being angry is not the way.

Be with the anger

When angry, or faced with anger from others, remember that the situation is only a trigger, and take your attention away from the situation to your inner-being.
Observe the feeling and emotions arising within you without any judgements, questions, and blame.
Emotions that arise from anger are like the smoke that arises from the fire. Observing is like opening the windows to let the smoke out. Questioning and blaming is like inhaling the harmful smoke with the windows closed.

Take any needed action only when your inside has cooled down. Your action then will be much more meaningful and productive.

This way, instead of accumulating more, you will be able to erase some of the pre-existing anger.

Transform your anger into compassion

When you are feeling hurt and angry, at that time it can be helpful to remember that at times you also sometimes hurt others by your behavior and actions.
When someone is angry at you, especially if it is someone who loves you, or someone who has done good things for you in the past, accept their anger by remembering the good things, and your love for each other.
This practice of remembering at the right time will help you in transforming your anger into acceptance and compassion, which is soothing to the inner-being. With time and practice you will become better at it.
Just as, adding some yogurt to the milk turns all of that milk into yogurt, same way, adding some compassion to the anger turns all anger into compassion.

Laugh daily

The saying  ‘laughter is the best medicine’ is very true. But there is a proper way in which it should be done.
With a willingness to let go of the daily events, which irritate you and make you angry, fill your heart with compassion and love for yourself and others, especially those who may have hurt you, then laugh, and laugh more. Let your laughter carry compassion toward all.  Let the laughter come from your heart and allow your whole body to shake. Do this twice daily regularly, and in addition, laugh as soon as you can after an incident of anger. It is hard to laugh when your heart is heavy, but this is the best way to come out of heaviness.

Make laughing a part of your sadhana. It will bring comfort to your inner-being, and also improve your physical health.


Do the above for six months, you will notice a big reduction in the intensity and duration of your anger.
Do it for six years, your anger will be transformed into compassion, like the compassion of a yogi. <3 <3



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I Wish You A Merry Christmas


All bathe in God’s love, but one who acknowledges it shines among all. 


 In Master’s presence you can experience God’s love and protection.  Being with Master is being with God.


That whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

That ‘Him’ is not one, He is all. There is not a single particle that is not Him. There is not a single you that is not Him. Celebrating all is the true spirit of Christmas. <3


Love each one

In such a way

That they all say

They are the most loved

That’s how God loves

He is the greatest Beloved <3



<3 <3

Pratyahara + Shanmukhi Mudra


Pratyahara;  (Taking the senses inward)

Pratyahara is the the 5th limb of 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, which is explained in Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Lord Krishna also mentions Ashtanga Yoga in Bhagvad Gita but gives no explanation, and neither does Arjuna asks about it, suggesting that Ashtanga Yoga was well known and practiced then, over 5000 years ago.

Pratyahara is an essential practice on the path of yoga. The outer world is very diverse and attractive, and so the mind keeps going to the outer again and again. But a yogi reminds himself of the transitory and temporary nature of the world, and takes the mind inward again and again. The more the mind stays inward, the less the yogi gets affected by the outer. 

“It is in the nature of the things to arise, change, and finish. Knowing this, the wise without getting disturbed, remains still and finds peace within himself easily.” Ashtavakra Gita 11-1. <3

Shanmukhi Mudra

Shanmukhi (6 faces)  Mudra is named after Lord Murgan, the One with 6 faces, symbolically meaning, endowed with all 6 spiritual wealths. 


Shanmukhi Mudra means closing of the 6 gates (2 ears, 2 eyes, nose, and mouth). It is a symbolic way of saying that for next few minutes you are not interested in the outer, and you want to take your awareness and senses inward.

How to practice

Sit up straight but relaxed.

Place the little fingers below lips, ring fingers above lips, middle fingers at the nostrils, index fingers on the eyes, and thumbs at the openings of the ears. 

With middle fingers softly resting on the nostrils (without closing them partially), breathe deeply and with each breath take the awareness more and more inward with this feeling that you are not interested in anything outer. 

After each inhalation you may hold the breath in , and gently close both nostrils with middle fingers. Hold it for few seconds but without any struggle, and then exhale smoothly. 

On exhalations you can also make a long high-pitch sound  like a bee, hoom……. 

In the beginning, practice this for 8-10 breaths, and gradually increase it to 5-8 minutes.


Improves focus

Helps in keeping mind inward

Soothes nerves in the face and forehead area.

Stimulates the energy centre between eye brows.

Enhances inner peace and calmness.

It takes 3 monkeys together to practice Shanmukhi Mudra:)

A nice reminder to not speak ill of anyone, and not letting your mind get disturbed by any negativity you may see or hear. <3




May Divine Mother Saraswati make you realize your Fullness! <3 <3

Neither disturb nor get disturbed


An angry mind 

Is filled with smoke 

It spreads smoke

Like a smoldering fire



A mind embedded in past

Is filled with foul smell

It spreads foul smell

Like rotten food


A mind filled with joy

Spreads fragrance

Like a flower.


Live like a yogi!

A yogi is very aware of what he thinks, speaks, and acts,  so that any of these don’t cause disturbance in  others’ minds. He looks at his intentions before he speaks or acts. If the intention is to hurt someone or put someone down, he doesn’t speak or act. If the intention is good, and if he must speak or act that may disturb others, he thinks of a skillful way to say what needs to be said, and do what needs to be done.

A yogi also doesn’t get disturbed by what others say, do, or think. He is fully aware that people will say or do things that he may not like or agree with. He is awake in the acceptance of this truth that this will happen again and again. So when it happens, he doesn’t get disturbed.

A yogi is aware that what he thinks affects others, and others’ thoughts affect him. So he is very mindful of what he thinks, and doesn’t get affected by unnecessary thoughts that may be just passing through his mind, but may not be his own thoughts.

So, by not disturbing others, and by not getting disturbed by others, he remains peaceful within himself.

You can also live like a yogi. It is just a matter of continuous abhyasa. <3

One who never disturbs anyone and one one who never gets disturbed by anyone, and one who is free from mundane excitement, anger, fear, and anxiety is very dear to Me.” Bhagvad Geeta 12-15

Just by living this wisdom of not disturbing and not getting disturbed, the other qualities mentioned in the above shaloka will automatically dawn in you. 



May Mother Durga bless you to live like a yogi, if yoga is your path! <3 <3







Master’s Tears


A disciple to the Master:Master and disciple

I love God, God is great

I must find Him, I just can’t wait.

Master said:

There is a diamond, hidden in your house

You will surely find it, If you sincerely browse.


Disciple thought:

Master knows it all, I must trust0_01850.jpg

I must do,  what he says, first.

A diamond In my house, surely I need

I must have done,  some noble deed.

Goddess Lakshami hiding in my house,

I must find

Lord Visnu , for sure, will follow behind.


He ran to the house, without wearing shoes

Like a drunken , loaded with booze.

On the way to the house

he stepped on a mouse

Sorry! But you will go to heaven

Still there is satava, in the morning at seven.

He stepped on  glass, but felt no pain

He was focused on diamond, and hefty gain.


Angry wifeThe wife was in the kitchen,

cutting vegetables

He told his wife,  holding on to safety cables.

Pointing with a knife

said the wife

Are you crazy, O lazy?

There is no diamond here

I clean everyday, everywhere.

Don’t waste time, go play ukulele

You might improve, if you practice daily.

Be realistic in life 

Forget the diamond

or you may loose your wife.


He said, the Master never lies

Man_Searching_There is no harm if he tries.

He searched here and there


He searched In drawers, in closets

and in cupboards

Don’t break them, said the wife

They were custom made in Hubbards.

He searched under the carpets, and  under the rugs

There was no diamond, but there were  dead bugs.


He became restless, he couldn’t sleep

Thinking of diamond, he would  weep.

He had only one thought, day and night

He saw diamond only, wherever went his sight.

crazymanresi.jpg~c200Every night

in his dream

Diamond, diamond

he would scream.

For days, he didn’t eat

no matter what the treat.

He didn’t bathe, or combed his hair

The wife left him, but he didn’t care.

Said the neighbours, he was gone mad

Trusting blindly was really really bad.


There was a damond for sure, that he knew

He trusted his Master, his words always came true.

Angel 2Though there was no proof

he still broke the roof.

He broke the walls, one by one

He didn’t stop, until he was done.

 Not one, but ten diamonds

fell from the last wall

Bright and beautiful, each bigger

than a tennis ball.

He felt proud, he found the diamond(s) at last

The News spread very very fast. 


Neighbours ran to the Mastertwo-dogs-running

There was a mad race

Just in case the Master

ran out of grace.

They didn’t care

if they stepped on a mouse

They wanted to know

if there was a diamond in their house.


The wife came back

O my dear

giraffe_coupleLet’s move forward 

and not look in the rear.

I love you, though you are silly

After all these years

you still can’t play  ukulele.

I left you, I did you good

Walls wouldn’t have come down

if here, I had stood.


pride-1Master was pleased. He felt relieved

Someone, with persistance, had achieved.

Finally, there was someone, who knew how to find

Who loved from the heart, and not from the mind

Surely, he will find God, he knows how

What a disciple, wow!


Disciple built a house, with hundred rooms

For future children, their brides and grooms.

He hung a big picture of the Master in a golden frame

He did  puja, with roses and camphor flame.


He sent a cheque to the Mastermailbox

with a note

Addressing Him in Capital Letters

He wrote:

Sorry, I have been busy

There is so much to do

Life could be so hertic

I had no clue.

With sincere appreciation

I send You this donation.

I miss You, I love You, I do Your puja every day

Please bless me, that my troubles stay away.

We have a son, named after You.

Please bless him. He is Yours too.

Thank you for Your Grace, for all  You have done

Thou are my Father, I am Thy son.

If You know of another diamond , please let me know

I will find it, I know how, I will show.


Master read the notesad-baby-face-photos-9

 Gave it another scan

Then threw the cheque and note

in the garbage can.

Looking at the sky

He wanted to cry

Why just Thy grace

And not Thee.


He felt tired, and very cold

The son had traded, Father for gold.God's Tears

He sent his blessings and his grace

There was sadness arising on his face

He didn’t want to weep

So he went to sleep

But he wept

Before he slept.   <3