What’s Antarmukhi?, and Q/A On Ojas Pranayama

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What’s Antarmukhi?, and Q/A On Ojas Pranayama


I send my prayers and love to all those affected by the coronavirus. 
To my students around the world, I am thinking of you.
May you all be well and safe!


Q/A On Ojas Pranayama


 Answers to the questions on Ojas Pranayama from the last Webinar:

    • It’s only in the first step of this Pranayama that the exhalation is through the mouth. All other breathing is through the nose. However, it is okay to breathe through the mouth if necessary.

    • It is okay to use Ujjayi breath during this Pranayama as long as you can keep the breath and mind relaxed. Otherwise, focus on taking deep breaths.

    • In steps 1 & 3, the focus is on making the exhalations longer and steadier.
      In step 2, the focus is on contraction, expansion, and relaxation.

    • A  recommended time to practice Ojas Pranayama is just before the asana practice, or after the asana practice but before the savasana (corpse pose). However, this Pranayama can be practiced anytime on its own or with other Pranayamas as you see fit.

    • This Pranayama is a part of the Ojas Kriya

    • Here is the link for the instructions for Ojas Pranayama


Upcoming Webinars

The next two Webinars are on April 22nd and 23rd. There are spaces available on April 22nd.
Registration fee: $10:00 to support the Foodbank in Halifax.
Registration link. 


Being Antarmukhi

Krishanji, please explain what is meant by being Antarmukhi? How is it practiced?

Once, King Abhaya has asked Sage Anidra a similar question, to which Sage Andra had replied,

” Abhaya, the five organs of the five senses are located on the face (mukha).  Through the five organs, the five senses project outward. The outward projection of the five senses serves as a vehicle for the mind to travel outward to perceive and experience the outer, which is greatly influenced by the previous samskaras. The samskaras are the impressions of the actions and unfulfilled desires of past lives. The mind carries the samskaras with it from one life to the next. The five senses and the mind remain pulled outward because the outer is alluring, though it contains both pleasure and pain. The mind, wanting to achieve satisfaction, keeps running after pleasures despite the sufferings it endures. The pleasures give an appearance of inherent satisfaction that doesn’t exist. Therefore, the mind, in a quest for fulfillment, remains in the cycle of birth and death.

Abhaya, after many cycles of birth and death, a rare one recognizes the mirages in the outer. He, with the grace of his Guru combined with self-effort, manages to pull the five senses and mind back to the inner-being and keep them there. Such a rare one is called Antarmukhi. His mind and five senses get turned inward.

Abhaya, though many strive to attain the state of Antarmukhi, only two kinds of people attain it, which I will talk about another day.”

Saying so, Sage Anidra became silent. Abhaya wanted to know more, but he knew that Sage Anidra preferred to speak very little at a time. So, he too remained silent.
Shortly after, Anidra played a song on his flute, which meant:

O, virtuous man!
herein lies your struggle.

You want to know
that cannot be known.
You want to see
that cannot be shown.

Be aware!
Practices may bind you
Knowledge may charm you
Causing mirages within mirages

O, noble man!
there is a simpler way.

Remember the Lord!
Sing His name.
His boundless glories,
again and again acclaim.

Surely, you will know,
that needs to be known.
Lord Govind will show you,
that needs to be shown.



Dancing Empty Shell + Tips For Boosting Your Immune System


Dancing Empty Shell

The source of water in a river is water. The water in the river throughout its journey remains water, and always connected to the water ahead and behind. It expands into its vastness when it enters the Ocean.
Similarly, the source of Consciousness that you are is Consciousness. Throughout the journey of your life, you remain Consciousness. When the ignorance disappears, you expand into your vastness, the Consciousness. 
A river flows effortlessly downward toward the Ocean. Its flow and merger into the Ocean are dance-like. Similar is the journey of a devotee. It also flows downward. A devotee becomes so humble and empty that he becomes non-existent. Effortlessly and dancing, he merges with God and expands into His vastness. 
“Wearing bells in my anklets, I dance with my Beloved. My life is with Him. What remains of me is only an empty shell” -Mira Bai.
“Singing and dancing, I go to my Beloved'” – Kabir


Tips For Boosting Your Immune System 

  • Do cardio exercise followed by asanas, a minimum of 45 minutes daily, five days a week.
  • Get good sleep, 6-7 hours daily.
  • Eat healthy vegetarian balanced meals. 
  • Don’t go hungry for too long. Carry healthy snacks with you.
  • Cook at home.
  • Eat 4-6 prunes daily for a proper bowel movement
  • Drink 1.5-2 liters 0f water daily.
  •  Some of the immunity booster spices/roots/seeds/foods are given below with daily dosage which can be added to your food.
    • Garlic,  1-2 cloves
    • Ginger, 1/2 teaspoon grated
    • Red onion, 1/4 cup cut pieces
    • Red chili pepper, 1/4 teaspoon crushed or small pieces
    • Cloves, 3-4 pieces
    • Saffron, 12-15 strands (I add it in warm almond milk)
    • Turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon
    • Pumpkin seeds, 2 teaspoons

Please take all the recommended precautions diligently to stay safe from COVID-19. I send my prayers and love to all those affected.

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

You say God is within you
But do you believe in yourself?
There is a voice in you
that speaks the Truth
Do you listen to it
or you rather hear from the Books?
Blessings and prayers
can bring you more
but not happiness
Being happy begins with
believing in yourself.
Believing in yourself
doesn’t mean always winning
It means playing your best
till the end of the inning.
So beautiful is the Sunrise
Even more beauteous is the Sunset
The Sun is always bright
even when it’s night.
When you believe in yourself
whether winning or losing
you see them like waves in the ocean
and just keep cruising.
When you pray
‘lead me from darkness to light’
you forget you are the light 
just as He
My dear, believe in yourself
whether in darkness or light

 you will always see.



Value What You Have

Value What You Have

Value what you have
you may not have it tomorrow
Valuing is the secret
to be free from sorrow
Value the help you receive
without expecting more
When tides are rough
gratitude takes you to shore
The less you value
the more you demand
It spoils the love
angry and weak you stand
Value without possessing
whether it, he, or she
What a miracle, my Lord!
it all belongs to Thee











Sage Anidra’s Cow and Overcoming Aversion

Vrindavan Yoga Retreat  Update
Nov 1-9,2020 (Sold Out)

Because of many requests, the dates for the Vrindavan Yoga Retreat have been changed back to November 1-9, 2020. This Retreat is now completely sold out but you are still welcome to add your name to the waiting list just in case if there are any cancellations.
Please write to Zok Lim,  zhiruolim@gmail.com


Sage Anidra’s Cow 

All animals are divine and deserve to be treated with love and respect. They are made up of the same 5 elements and Divine life as humans. They are born as animals for a variety of reasons including the progressive cycle of birth and death, nature loves variety and diversity, one’s karma, or seldom by personal choice. A few rare highly evolved souls choose to be born as animals. For them, it is a way of doing tapas or experiencing an animal life while still remaining in their spiritual wisdom. For some, it is a way of exhausting their remaining karma as the animals are privileged to exhaust their karma without accumulating more. Such rare souls can communicate with other highly evolved souls and also have the power to bless.
Sage Anidra’s cow, Ma Bhagvati, was such a rare being. She could communicate with all other residents of the ashram and was a mother-like figure to them.
King Abhaya had formed a close bond with her. 

Overcoming Aversion

Once Abhaya asked Ma Bhagvati,” O Ma! In this world, which is filled with opposites, it is so easy to develop likes and dislikes. Kindly instruct me how can I transcend the two and be free from aversion?”
 Ma Bhagvati answered.” Abhaya, I share with you the wisdom which Anidra had given me a long time ago. With the practice of this wisdom, I remain free from aversion. Today I will speak to you about aversion only. 
Having temporary likes and dislikes is natural, but when dislikes get deep-rooted, they turn into aversion, and if the aversion persists, it turns into hate. A person who hates can never be happy.
Abhaya, you may not like certain foods but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad or wrong foods. You may not like certain colors but it doesn’t mean they are bad or wrong colors. Similarly, you may not like certain people but that doesn’t mean they are bad or wrong people. When you see them as bad or wrong, you begin to dislike them which gradually can turn into aversion and hate.  You may not get along with certain people and may not want to be with them, but you don’t have to have an aversion toward them. 
Abhaya, when you see negativity in someone, separate the negativity from that person. See the negativity like a garment that that person is wearing.  This would limit your judgments to the garment only. Even further, see your judgments pertaining to the garment as your judgments only. Don’t see them as right. Otherwise, judgments can find a permanent place in your mind.
Don’t see yourself better than others. Instead, be grateful that you have been given the ability to think or do better.  Some apple trees of the same breed may be bigger and taller than the others because they were planted earlier, They, however, cannot be considered better. With time, the smaller trees will also become bigger and taller. Similarly, we all are of the same breed. Some are ahead of the others. They are just ahead, not any better. 
Have compassion for people who are behind you. With compassion, help them repair or change their garments without losing respect for the wearer of the garments.
Through this unconditional and continuous compassion, you will be able to see beyond people’s actions and forms. You will begin to see life in them. Honor that life. The more you will honor life in people, the more life will unveil itself.
This is when you begin to see the divinity in life.  You begin to see God. Wit time, you see nothing but God. The scenery and the seer, and the garments and the wearer of the garments, they all become God. They were always God, but now you begin to see It. 
Dear Abhaya, through continuous practice of this precious wisdom now I see only beauty and perfection. I am content and happy even as a cow. How does it matter whether I am a cow or a sage or a king? It matters only when you have preferences. Your preferences are your bondage. But when it all becomes God, there is no room for preferences. You can not have preferences when there is only one. You become free.
Abhaya, you too can see God! You too can become free!”


Seeing Perfection, and a Weekend of Yoga in Milan

A Weekend of Yoga in Milan, Italy

Recently, as a guest teacher, I spent a weekend with the Sri Sri Yoga TTP participants in Milan. There I also conducted two masterclasses.

I feel happy and proud to witness the growth of so many of my yoga students who have become grounded on the path of yoga and are spreading the wisdom of yoga around the globe.  Beatrice, on my left in the picture above, is one such student. She is a very caring, skilled, and knowledgeable TTP teacher. She and her team Raffaella, Jessica, and Patrizia have been conducting the TTP in a very authentic, loving, and harmonious way.  I was amazed to see how much the participants had already learned in such a short period of time. They all were very sincere and dedicated. On my right is Lorenza, who translated for me so pleasantly and attentively. I was happy to spend a weekend with this beautiful group of yogis.
Many People shared their beautiful experiences. Below is one which also leads to the next topic of this post.
‘The journey of experiences and emotions that Krishanji made us experience in our body, our breath, our mind and our soul was really fantastic. It was magical … It was like to feel the contact, and resonate with the same soul of Krishanji, a pure, simple, kind soul … Emotions and tears emerged spontaneously. The Knowledge was so deep but transmitted with the purity and simplicity of a child. Really thanks for everything to everyone. I feel very very grateful and the perception of perfection of every moment of my life grows more and more every day….”      –  Chiara 

 Seeing Perfection

Once Sage Anidra spoke on perfection, “Creation is perfect in every sense because the Creator is perfect. Every moment, as it is, is perfect. The entire past was perfect, the present is perfect,  and the future will always be perfect. You see imperfection only because your vision is limited and partial. A tiny piece of a big picture will always seem imperfect and incomplete. Because you can see partial only, you keep seeing incomplete and imperfect.
The infinite whole can never be made better or greater because it is already perfect, complete, and full.  What appears to be partial can always be made better and bigger. A musician can certainly sing better. An athlete can indeed play better. Science can always progress more. A rich man can surely become richer.
 Partial, which is only an appearance,  can never be perfect and complete, but hidden beyond the appearance of partial lies the perfect and complete whole, which can be experienced through the eyes of santosha (contentment) and vairagya (dispassion). Living with santosha and vairagya lets you see beyond partial.
A yogi sees perfection in every moment but still makes an effort to improve which may seem to be imperfect. He, however, neither judges a partial nor is disturbed by the appearance of imperfection. He simultaneously experiences both partial and whole, and rejoices within himself.”  Saying that the Sage became silent.
King Abhaya, always thirsty for more wanted to hear more, but remembering that partial will never be satisfied, he remained silent. 
Then, looking at His cow, Sage Anidra said to her,”  Ma( mother) Bhagvati,  could you sing a song for us.” Everyone present there, except the king, had heard Ma Bhagvati sing before. a rare experience beyond words, which could happen only at Sage Anidra’s will. In astonishment,  king Abhaya watched  Ma Bhagvati lower her head and close her eyes.  He looked at Sage Anidra who also had closed His eyes. He noticed that everyone else present there also had closed their eyes. Abhaya wanted to keep his eyes open and watch Ma Bhagvati sing, but he couldn’t. Something compelled him to close his eyes.  The moment he closed his eyes, he experienced that he had been rapidly separated from his body and carried to another realm of his inner-being which was absolutely still, silent, and empty.  Then he heard Ma Bhagvati sing a hymn to Goddess Saraswati in the most melodious and sweetest voice he had ever heard,  Listening to her he fell into meditation. For the first time, he experienced what meditation truly was. It was purely a Divine experience beyond forms and beyond words.
When Ma Bhagvati stopped singing, Abhaya felt a sudden jerk in his body which brought him back to his body awareness. Slowly he opened his eyes and  first looked at Sage Anidra and then at Ma Bhagvati. Their eyes were still closed. He looked around and whatever he saw, he felt oneness with it. He saw that people sitting near him were only an extension of him. They all seemed perfect. He felt oneness with the grass, trees, flowers, and stones. They all seemed perfect and complete. They couldn’t be any better.  Abhaya was seeing beyond partial. He was seeing perfection.
He looked at Ma Bhagvati again. He heard a voice in his head,”Hello son Anidra.” He was no longer in astonishment or disbelief, but wondered if Ma Bhagvati was really talking to him. He heard her voice again,” Yes I am speaking to you.”
Abhaya looked at Sage Anidra. The Sage smiled and nodded yes. 



Be a good friend to your mind, and Be a good guest

Being a Good Friend To Your Mind 


Your association with your mind is so strong that your mind influences and dictates your thinking, feelings, and actions. You see yourself and your mind as one entity.
The skill to break that association is to remind yourself again and again that you are separate from your mind. In any relationship, keeping a little distance makes the relationship healthier and more respectful. You will get very tired of a friend who is sitting on your head all the time and keeps telling you what to do. Your mind is always telling you what it wants and what you should do. That’s why you get tired of your mind.
Keeping a little distance from the mind, and advising it when it wants to do something which you know is not right, is a wonderful skill to develop. Then you are being a good friend to your mind.
For instance,  you know you need to do physical exercise, but when the mind is feeling lazy, then you have the option of either listening to the mind and not exercising or, as a friend, you tell the mind that we must exercise as it is essential.
As a friend, you help the mind in breaking the wrong patterns and habits it has developed. Once they are broken, the mind also becomes your friend, a very powerful friend. Then, as two good friends, you march forward together.

Being a Good Guest

There are two types of guests. The first type of guests, when they come to visit you, they don’t behave like guests. T
hey very quickly develop a feeling of belongingness and become like a part of your family. However, they also know that whatever is in the house belongs to you, and not to them. They are not envious of you and they don’t keep asking you if they could have this or that?
The second type of guests are those who expect and sometimes even demand to be served. They are not helpful and they may also be envious of what you may have. You feel happy when such guests leave.
This creation is a big house of God. You are here only as a guest. Nothing belongs to you. Whatever is here, it all belongs to Him. You have the option of being either of the two types of guests. Which type would you like to be?
A yogi feels total belongingness with the world, but also remembers that he is here only as a temporary guest. He is helpful, considerate, and grateful. He is not envious of what others have. He doesn’t always keep asking for more. He belongs to the world but without any ownership. He lives in the world as a good guest
 Trying to own, which arises from ignorance, is the cause of insecurity, fear, worries, and bondage. Living like a good guest is the secret for becoming dispassionate, and only a dispassionate person can be free.  
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