Searching for God is like a fish in the ocean searching for water.
Is there a place where He is not?

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Seeing Perfection, and a Weekend of Yoga in Milan

A Weekend of Yoga in Milan, Italy Recently, as a guest teacher, I spent a weekend with the Sri Sri Yoga TTP participants in Milan. There I also conducted two masterclasses. I feel happy and proud to witness the growth of so many of my yoga students who have become grounded on the path of […] Read More

Who Is Sage Anidra!

  Anidra and Sadhavi Meet Govinda Arjuna was all prepared and was looking forward to the biggest and most difficult war of his lifetime. It was a war against non-righteousness but it was also a war against many of his relatives, teachers, and friends who were on the side of non-righteousness. At the last minute, […] Read More