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22023 & 2024 Yoga Retreats + Perceiving Perfection

Perceiving Perfection

Lord Shiva dances 
on the darkest night
and blesses the world
with His grace and might.

The imperfections when I play the flute,
lie neither in the flute,
nor in the music.
They lie in me.

The imperfections I see in the creation
lie neither in the living others,
nor in the inert.
Beneath the desires, they hide in me.

When my imperfections,
weaknesses and failed desires
surround my heart with darkness
I welcome it in entire.

I perceive Shiva’s dance.
His pure innocence.
His mighty strength.
His perfection!

Shudham Yoga Retreats 2023.

I recently conducted three Yoga Retreats in Taiwan, Italy, and Latvia. During the sharing of the participant’s experiences, some of the words repeated over and over were: ‘amazing, life-transforming, simple and powerful, fulfilling, re-charging, relaxing, rejuvenating, fun, etc.’

My sincere thanks to all the organizing teams.


Most of the participants in this retreat, from many different countries, have been with me for many years. Because of their natural humbleness, innocence, and mutual connection, the wisdom and practices in this retreat were very profound. The natural beauty surrounding the venue added naturalness and mysticism to the overall experience. Some day, I wish to conduct a more extended yoga retreat in Taiwan.



The Mandali Retreat Centre in Italy is heavenly in natural beauty, prana, comfort, and a feast-like variety of delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals. People from all walks of life attended the yoga retreat; some were new to yoga. That newness was very refreshing as fresh wisdom emerged from that newness. It was a reminder we are always beginners on the spiritual path.



Latvia is one of my favorite places to conduct yoga retreats. It was a smaller group, but the feeling of oneness was enormous.  Many students were new to yoga, but they all participated sincerely.  The venue there was also gorgeous.


Yoga Retreats Planned in 2024

Silence Yoga Retreat, Italy
June 8 – 15, 2024
Mandali Retreat Centre, Lake Orta, Near Milan.

In this yoga retreat, you will immerse in silence and refresh your body, mind, and Soul in the ever-flowing fresh wisdom and yogic practices. Going into silence for a few days with proper guidance is the best way to give rest to your tired mind.  With a restful and stable mind, you can easily experience and connect with the deeper layers of your inner being to recharge, rejuvenate your enthusiasm and courage, and restore your naturalness.

The retreat capacity is limited to 50 participants. All are welcome to apply, but preference will be given to the previous retreat participants and Oneness members.

For more information, please contact Beatrice Lulini at:


Devotional Yoga Retreat, Vrindavan, India
October 18 – 25, 2024
Nidhivan Sarovar Hotel, Vrindavan

Among all paths of yoga, the path of devotion is considered supreme. Lord Krishna symbolizes devotion, love, and spiritual playfulness. Vrindavan, the childhood playground of Lord Krishna, is eternally rich in spiritual history, architecture, temples, and devotion. It is the ultimate place to awaken and enrich one’s devotion.

In this yoga retreat, in addition to learning yogic wisdom and practices, you will visit temples and other historic places and listen to devotional and uplifting stories to kindle the devotion in your heart.

Double Occupancy Canadian $1100.00
Single Occupancy Canadian $1500.00

The fee includes accommodation in a luxury hotel, delicious and pure vegetarian meals, transportation for temple visits, and a $100/per person donation to a children’s school. You will make this donation in person to the school.

You will be responsible for making your own way back and forth to the venue hotel.

The retreat capacity is limited to 100 participants. All are welcome to apply, but preference will be given to previous retreat participants and Oneness members.

To apply, please fill out the form here. You will receive the response to your application in January 2024. No deposit is required at this time.


With love,


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