Loving and Serving God is Supreme Yoga.
Serving those in need is serving God.

There’s Only One Path + Yoga Retreat Update

Yoga Retreat and Pilgrimage, Varanasi, India

November 7 -14, 2024



This Yoga Retreat is now confirmed. Thank you to all those who have made it possible. But there are still a few spots left. If you are interested in joining, please follow the links below for information and registration.

Please click here for information.

Please click here for registration 

There’s Only One Path!

King Abhaya asked,” O Holi Master, why is it so difficult to know God even though He is omnipresent, and why and how do only a few rare ones get to know Him?  O Holi Master, You surely know Him.”

Sage Anidra said,” Abhaya, God cannot be known. Trying excessively to know or explain God is ignorance.

When you are in the sun, the infinite number of sunrays, all connected to each other, surround you and connect you to the Sun. Even when you are not directly in the sun, you are connected to the Sun by the light and brightness that it emits. Even on the darkest night, some rays of light connect you to the Sun.

Similarly, Abhaya, every particle of this Universe, whether inert or active, emits from God. And each particle, how minuscule it may be, exists in oneness with the whole Universe and its Creator, just like each wave in the Ocean exists in oneness with the rest of the Ocean. Each individual wave appears momentarily, and then it dissolves into oneness.

The Sun neither rises nor sets, but you experience both. Similarly, the individuality and duality of birth and death, ignorance and wisdom, pain and pleasure, etc., don’t exist, but you experience them. The experience of individuality and duality gives rise to the six vikaras: desire, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy, and ego. The combined effect of individuality, duality, and six vikaras gives birth to your small universe with boundaries. Living within your universe gives you a false sense of comfort, security, and protection. The six vikaras flourish. And you lose your connection and oneness with creation and the Creator. Just as in a forest, there are thousands of trees, all struggling to survive and maintain their individuality; within the big Universe, you create your small universes and struggle to survive and expand your universe. But no matter how much you expand your universe, it remains small. This smallness is the cause of your sorrow.

Abhaya, it doesn’t matter how many spiritual practices you do, how many books you read or discuss, how many masters you go to, how long your spiritual journey has been, or how virtuous you become; you remain in your small universe. Rarely does a seeker break the boundaries of his universe and dissolve into the oneness of creation and Creator. Such a seeker is admirable.

Abhaya, drop the desire to know God, be free, or find inner peace.  Such desires are just like other desires which lead you nowhere. Instead, live in oneness with the whole. See everything, alive or inert, as a part of God and a means to connect to God. Love all, Loving all, you will fall in love with God.  Make loving God your highest priority and the purpose of your spiritual journey.  Without it, no matter what else you do or achieve, your spirituality will remain like a wilted flower that has lost its vibrancy, beauty, and fragrance.  Abhaya, contemplate on what I have said,  I will speak on it more later.”

Saying this, Sage Anidra became silent and played a song on His flute which meant:

O noble seeker, don’t be disheartened, it’s not your fault.
The blame lies on the Books and Preachers.

God is one, but they have fictionalized many.
So you are muddled.

They say all paths lead to God, but follow theirs.
It’s a selfish distortion.

Only the path of loving God leads to the ocean of God.
The rest lead to small puddles.


I speak all lies but one.
Let Loving God be your reason.


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