Just as a lotus flowers blossoms in muddy waters, similarly, a skilled yogi
blossoms by fully functioning in the world but remaining unaffected by the events.

Exercise More, + Some Relevant Wisdom from Young Wises

Exercise More   Cardio exercise is one of the best ways to deal with anxiety and fear. Thirty minutes of cardio twice a day, followed by yoga, pranayama, and meditation can be very helpful in dealing with today’s stresses. You may be very tempted to just sit and meditate, but that may not be of […] Read More

A Strengthening Breathing Exercise

“Difficulties in life cannot be avoided but a wise man faces them with a smile” – Guru Nanak   A Strengthening Breathing Exercise   The following breathing exercise, Ojas Pranayama, can help strengthen the upper respiratory system. It is a part of the OJAS Kriya which I will be teaching in my courses. Sit up […] Read More

Helpful Mantras For Difficult Times

Wisdom and certain practices of different religions can be beneficial to all and should be shared. We all share the same water, earth, sun, and air. Different foods that grow in different parts of the world are meant to be enjoyed by all. Scientific discovery in one part of the world becomes useful for the […] Read More

1. Hindu Temples Are Not Just For Hindus. 2. Replacing OM With a Cross. 3. I Would Like To Help You

Hindu Temples Are Not Just For Hindus. Hindus respect all religions and believe in one omnipresent God. But still, there are a few Hindu temples in India and abroad where only Hindus can enter. Anyone who may not look like a Hindu can be questioned and barred from entering.  A long time ago, almost all […] Read More

Dancing Empty Shell + Tips For Boosting Your Immune System

  Dancing Empty Shell The source of water in a river is water. The water in the river throughout its journey remains water, and always connected to the water ahead and behind. It expands into its vastness when it enters the Ocean. Similarly, the source of Consciousness that you are is Consciousness. Throughout the journey […] Read More

I AM Spoiled! & The Blessed Loser

I Am Spoiled I am spoiled I don’t listen They said to face East to worship God. I faced West I had my Beloved all to myself. I am spoiled I don’t listen They said God was within I looked outside There He was, everywhere. I am spoiled I don’t listen They said the purpose […] Read More

1. An Indoor Cardio Exercise Routine. 2. Upcoming ‘Healthier Me’ Program

An Indoor Cardio Exercise Routine Some form of regular cardio exercise is a must for optimum health. There are many free indoor cardio exercise routines available online which you can follow. Below is a routine that I have put together for you. When practicing this routine, pace yourself according to your fitness level. If there […] Read More

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself You say God is within you But do you believe in yourself? There is a voice in you that speaks the Truth Do you listen to it or you rather hear from the Books? Blessings and prayers can bring you more but not happiness Being happy begins with believing in yourself. Believing […] Read More

Value What You Have

Value What You Have Value what you have you may not have it tomorrow Valuing is the secret to be free from sorrow Value the help you receive without expecting more When tides are rough gratitude takes you to shore The less you value the more you demand It spoils the love angry and weak […] Read More