Searching for God is like a fish in the ocean searching for water.
Is there a place where He is not?

Waking-up Early. Simplicity Is The Way! Upcoming Samatvam Course.

The Next Chapter of Our Lives. What a Joy!   Waking-up Early A Good Thing To Do Waking-up early is a great and sure way to have some extra and uninterrupted time to pursue your interests, whether it be spirituality, sports, music, writing, exercising, or anything else. When you wake up early, you wake up […] Read More

Tips For Yoga Teachers. The Webinar Date Changed

Tips For Yoga Teachers Have a feeling of friendliness toward your students. Don’t see yourself superior to them. While giving instructions, keep your eyes open. It makes the students feel they are being observed for correctness. When guiding a meditation, you can close your eyes. Keep your face relaxed. A tense teacher makes yoga look […] Read More

Is Creation Really An Illusion!

Dear Krishanji, If Creation is an illusion, and God is present in every being, then is God also an illusion? Could you please share your views. This question is a good example of how knowledge may seem contradictory and confusing. Just as, God is one but there are many aspects of God, similarly, Truth is […] Read More

Announcing 300 Hour Online Advanced Yoga TTP

300 Hour Yoga Online Teacher Training Program 18 July to 27 Sept 2020 Live Sessions on Weekends, and Home Study During Weekdays As some of you have requested, I am pleased to announce a 300 Hour TTP in collaboration with EkaShri School of Yoga, run by a yogi couple, Dr. Shriram Sarvotham, and Ekaterina Jeleva, both very […] Read More

1. Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha. 2. SAMATVAM Course. 3. Commercialization of Spirituality.

Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha Stopping unnecessary thought-waves in the mind is yoga This four-word definition of yoga comes from many Holy Books of yoga, including Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Seekers must strive to achieve that state of mind which is free from unnecessary fluctuations,  It is said in the Holy Books of yoga that there are […] Read More

What’s Antarmukhi?, and Q/A On Ojas Pranayama

  I send my prayers and love to all those affected by the coronavirus.  To my students around the world, I am thinking of you. May you all be well and safe!   Q/A On Ojas Pranayama  Answers to the questions on Ojas Pranayama from the last Webinar: It’s only in the first step of […] Read More

Exercise More, + Some Relevant Wisdom from Young Wises

Exercise More   Cardio exercise is one of the best ways to deal with anxiety and fear. Thirty minutes of cardio twice a day, followed by yoga, pranayama, and meditation can be very helpful in dealing with today’s stresses. You may be very tempted to just sit and meditate, but that may not be of […] Read More

A Strengthening Breathing Exercise

“Difficulties in life cannot be avoided but a wise man faces them with a smile” – Guru Nanak   A Strengthening Breathing Exercise   The following breathing exercise, Ojas Pranayama, can help strengthen the upper respiratory system. It is a part of the OJAS Kriya which I will be teaching in my courses. Sit up […] Read More

Helpful Mantras For Difficult Times

Wisdom and certain practices of different religions can be beneficial to all and should be shared. We all share the same water, earth, sun, and air. Different foods that grow in different parts of the world are meant to be enjoyed by all. Scientific discovery in one part of the world becomes useful for the […] Read More